Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh for the love of food.

I'm really beginning to like doing a recipe blog (Shameless advertising: Fantastical Sharing of Recipes) and it's also making me question my career. When I was younger, I (at some point) wanted to go to culinary school. In fact, if the magnet school in Knoxville wasn't so dangerous, I would have transferred there. Maybe. I love cooking. I'd love to learn how to cook more intricate things and different techniques. Today I'm going to hit up a ton of websites looking for new recipes to try. I'm very excited to share more recipes! I hope that everyone is able to find things that they like or want to try. And I'll definitely take requests for certain types of food if you want!

Other news: I'm no longer a ginger. I was still on the fence last night and asked Nick his opinion, but he was ignoring me. Then as I was dying it..."I wish you would've kept it red." Well, thanks honey. Thanks a lot. LOL. It's been since last November that I had my hair super dark. It's definitely a big huge difference. But when it settles down and the dye is off of my skin (one of the worst parts of dark hair dye)...I know it''ll be fine. And it always fades into a beautiful normal brown.

Hmm. Let's see what else...OH! Got my new dust buster in the mail yesterday, with my HDMI cable (High speed and 6 feet - woooo!), AND my Guilty Pleasures Graphic Novel (First Anita Blake book) and my Volume 2 of the Amory Wars. I feel like a freakin' nerd. But I'm excited. "Sliding into Home" should be here today! :) I need to stop getting new books. I'm going to end up never finishing anything on my shelf and Kindle. Sheesh.

That is all for now :) I did it - Day 3. That's right. I'm not sucking too hard on blogging right now!

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Amber said...

LOL yay sarah!!!! Go blogging!!! :)