Monday, August 2, 2010

Sarah sucks at blogging.

It's totally true. I suck.
However, I have made another blog that will be JUST for recipes :) As a ton of you know, I love to try new recipes and share them. So you can find that lovely blog here! So you should totally check it out. Of course, it's completely empty now, but I'm going to try and add some new ones today. Especially since I'm trying to take more pictures of food. haha.

Mini Updates.
Me: I've been swamped with homework until last week. I have an assignment and final in Bio of Aging and 2 labs, 2 quizzes and final in Bio Lab. I'm done with Ecology as of last Thursday and I made an A :) w00t. I'm dying my hair maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow since I haven't washed out the chlorine from yesterday's adventure to Water Safari! I've been able to read a new series called Queen Betsy by Mary Janice Dickenson. It's, of course, a vampire series. But it's amazing. I love it.

Nick: Training hard, or hardly training. We're still not sure. Still no promotion. RIDICULOUS. But he does now have his own CPN team and that means his OWN soldiers. They are talking about giving him corporal stripes if he doesn't get promoted before deployment. Speaking of which, it's creeping up extremely fast on us. Not cool.

Matthew: IS FULLY POTTYTRAINED WITH NO ACCIDENTS!!! EEP!! It's amazing. He did it ON his own terms when he wanted to. I didn't really have to do a thing. He's been doing a little poorly lately with getting along with Cami. He has now started to pretty much bully her. It's rough. But he's getting better. He is still a ginormous cuddle bug and he talks so clearly and so well. He understands so many concepts and he's a sweetie pie.

Cambria: Holy buckets. What a prissy little thing! She loves to wear jewelry and dresses and absolutely loves anything princess, pink or anything that has to do with animals. She's a girly girl. Well, except for her obsession with dirt. She loves it. She's beginning to get more sentence structure. AND Cami loves to sing and dance. She always requests me to play songs and dance with her. She's too cute.

Pets: And mah kitteh is amazing. I love Bella. We couldn't have asked for a more amazing cat.

Nick & the kids on the Tram to go to Knoxville Zoo
Michele (cousin), Matthew & Cambria in the Butterfly exhibit
They love Aunt Casey :)
Me & the little Monsters
One of my favorites of the LOVES of my life!
We're kind of stupid.
Cami at the park.
Who can resist THAT face? <3
My big almost 3 1/2 year old
My big 2 1/2 year old
The kids with their friend Lexi at Water Safari
My favoritest picture of them EVER
Well...I'm sure that is all I have for today. Got to get on the food making and Bio Lab homework.

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