Wednesday, August 18, 2010

T-minus 2 days!

Friday night we leave for Knoxville. I've never been more ready and unready at the same time. I usually have things packed by now. And I haven't even started. I think I'll probably start tomorrow. I have a lot of the house to clean...which I'll probably do tomorrow and Friday because I don't want to clean today. LOL. I'm dreading the drive to Knoxville. Eeeek. I love road trips and I'm glad we get to leave at midnight this time, but I'm still pretty much dreading the drive. 14 hours is a long trip. I don't know how I was able to stay up for 18+ hours when my family made trips from Minnesota to Tennessee. But I'm ready to go and enjoy some vacation time and family time with everyone. I'll probably make another trip down there for Christmas and then in late April, early May for Nick's R&R. So it'll be nice to see everyone more than just the standard 2x a year.

I've been on the lookout for a recipe that I'm not sure the name of, but my grandmother made frequently in my childhood. It's some kind of macaroni salad. She used elbow macaroni sometimes, other times she used this ring macaroni. I know it has mayo in it and tuna, celery and baby peas. It's bothering me that I have YET to make this recipe and I don't have the actual recipe for it! What's wrong with me? I have all kinds of recipes and I don't even have the best recipes from my family?? I'm up to 52 pages of recipes on my 2nd recipe Word file. The first one was like 60+ pages. I really need to stop. LOL.

What else, what else. Hmm. Nothing that I can think of...
Lookie what I got :)

True Blood shot glasses - one from each bar :)

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