Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tattoos & True Blood

I just started reading Kat Von D's book High Voltage last night. Pretty rad. Then I had a dream that I was getting tattoos touched up.

Speaking of tattoos. I really really really want to get at least the one around my wrist soonishly. I'm scared to death of it, but not really. I want to get the Avenged Sevenfold lyric on my left wrist (same hand as my wedding ring) because it means more to me. I'm also looking at Lady Gaga lyrics trying to find one I really like and I want that one on my right wrist. I'm also contemplating getting those corset tattoos more to the front of my torso than the absolute sides. Will the corset tattoos ever happen? I'm not sure but I really want the song lyrics on my wrists more than anything. I'm sure it couldn't be too expensive either. Then I wouldn't feel so damn guilty about getting a tattoo.

Nick and I watched Episode 8 of True Blood. I am incredibly disgusted and thoroughly disappointed at how far from the books Alan Ball has decided to stray. Eric is not GAY nor is he a bow-down kiss-your-ring type of vampire. That is bullshit. Bill and Sookie do not get back together. Jason is supposed to be a were by now. Holly isn't super old or crazy-looking and was working there in the beginning. Alcide needs to KISS Sookie already. Tara needs to stop quivering her chin. Where the hell is Franklin? He's not dead! Russell and Sophie-Anne don't marry. Russell marries that King of Indiana and Sophie-Anne will marry the King of Arkansas. The Hotshot community is not full of meth heads. WTF? I'm just super mad. I would love to punch Alan Ball for RUINING the integrity of the characters that Charlaine Harris built!

I also am pretty mad that we have nothing appetizing in the house for breakfast for me. So I'm eating a PopTart. :( I want an English Muffin with peanut butter...or like a danish or something.

I'm tired. :(

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