Thursday, September 16, 2010


AHH! So weird to be 22. I don't feel like I am 22.

So...I got to talk to my grandma today :) I never really get to and it was so nice to talk to her! I have had many many birthday wishes and to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday - THANK YOU :)

Let's see here...NY has to be lame and it's so shitty today. Cold and rainy. I guess that Matthew is just too heavy for me to lift because I pulled a muscle in my back yesterday lifting him into the cart at Target :( It is hurting really bad! The cat woke me up at like 3am jumping onto the window ledge and meowing LOUDLY because she's in heat :/ I've been super clumsy today :( Ohhh.

I got Pokemon Heart Gold for a present and it is AMAZING so far. I <3 Pokemon. I mean, who doesn't? :)

I'm hoping to make my birthday cake - it's carrot cake! And post 3 new recipes on my blog tonight :)
That is all. 

Random Fact About Me #4: When I was little, I was incredibly self-conscious about my nose (because of my scar from the two surgeries I had on it). I've kind of grown into it and learned to love the imperfections of it.

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