Sunday, September 26, 2010

Drama Llamas

Why does it seem like you cannot make friends as in...everyone has to be a drama llama two-faced asshat. It urks me to no end. I knew there was a good reason why I don't like making new friends. It also seems that I have NO luck with making friends with younger people, close to my age. I have to have friends that are closer to 30. I'm not sure if I should feel "old" for my age, or just plain mature for my age. I cannot take dealing with all the high school drama bullshit. And of course, C. Co. is full of it.

Today is the day that I met Nick six years ago :)

Random Fact About Me #6: My left hand ring size is a 5 and my right is a 5.5.

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Amber said...

Expand out of C company.
Since i've been here (Alaska, i mean) I've met some trolls and some really great people.
Two of those people are in hubby's troop, one is 23, one is 28. One is married to an e4, one an e7.
The rest, hubby has no idea who they're hubbies are. Some are amazing, some not so much. You always get a few bag eggs among the bunch. Just don't get downed by it. Search for a fb group for Ft drum or some girls from there, you'll be surprised how great some new ft drum fb friends can be. (Even if you don't meet em til a year later, still good having em around).
As much as i'm not a fan of my frg leader, i got a friend of mine to add me to her FRG mailing list, so now i get TONS of emails about all kinds of stuff that goes on around here and I feel more IN THE KNOW. It's a plus.

Oh, biggest thing though.... remember, it's NOT only army wives that don't know how to grow up and act right....
Plus, looking at her hubby, should've known she was gonna be a bitch too! afjghafjs
I <3 you. You're mature beyond your age and you're a strong, amazing lady! Don't stress the dumb people you encounter. <3