Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Freshman Comp sucks Donkey Balls.

I'm not even joking.

So I had to choose a topic from a list of topics for the class's research paper. I decided to go with police corruption. I turned in my paragraph and questions I hoped to answer about it. My teacher grades it and tells me that I need to choose a new topic because police corruption is more of a social topic than an academic one.

So I was a little bit teed off about this. It was a topic on her list...why put it on the list if you are gonna say NO you cannot write about that?????

Then I decided let me find something that would be purely definitions. Addiction. My questions were what is addiction? How many people are affected by addiction? What different types of addiction are there? I waited nearly two weeks for her to tell me if it was okay and what does she's too SPECULATIVE?! To proceed with caution. Which means...I'm going to fail your paper. WTFWTFWTFWTF. There is NOTHING to speculate on WHAT is addiction! There is nothing to SPECULATE on the types of addictions (substance, behavioral, etc.).


I had another paper that was a cause/effect paper. I chose the topic "choose a decision that you made that changed your life" - I chose the choice to stop using birth control and wrote about how it affected my life. She gave me a 70/100 but only because I write well. I apparently "told a story" - let me tell you something right now. It's going to SOUND like a story when it's a personal recollection, however, IT WASN'T written like a story. HOLY SHIT.

I am going to botch my 4.0 GPA on this stupid CLASS because of a DUMBASS teacher. I'm so angry right now. I told my mom yesterday that she knows how much I hate (absolutely DESPISE) making B's. I'm LUCKY if I make a B in this class :/

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