Thursday, September 30, 2010

Goals for the Next Deployment

That's right.
I'm making a list [big surprise].
Things I want to do while Nick is deployed... to cope with the deployment and just because I have more "freedom" so to speak because I have only free time with no job and no husband home to spend time with.

  1. Find stuff to do in the surrounding area that we haven't done before. EXPLORE.
  2. Get through the 30-Day Shred..if I don't like it...P90X...or both. So...get my azz in shape for when Nick gets home.
  3. Drink more water. No soda.
  4. KEEP my cleaning schedule.
  5. Organize all of the basement and get rid of anything that is get-riddable.
  6. Find a place to get rid of the junk in the garage [the broken appliances].
  7. Read as many books as possible and watch all the movies Nick doesn't want to watch.
  8. Try and get my natural hair color no dying my hair crazy colors.
I had many more, but my brain is crapping out on me.

On a side note, I'm pretty much flipping out in my brain. Seriously. I hate the weeks before deployments and I hate the last weeks of deployment. They are the absolute hardest for me. CRAZY.

Also, I absolutely LOVE Kathy Griffin. A LOT. A LOT. A LOT. I got done reading her book and coincidentally Bravo was playing some of her standup specials. I recorded that shit. I'm watching the last recording "Kathy Griffin : She'll Cut a Bitch" - she's seriously FREAKING hilarious!!

And...the best part of my day today was that I got to speak to half of the sweetest, most awesomest, bestest married couple in the world. The lovely Mrs. was catching a bath because the whole family has gotten a chest cold [feel better soon!!!], so I got to talk to J.R. and pretty much talk about Nick getting screwed over and his upcoming deployment, and Benny's tonsillectomy and Zac's crazy eyes! And for those of you who don't personally know the Akins...they are our BESTEST friends who moved to Germany and we miss them like NO OTHER. ((HI JAIME!!!! - she just started a blog today))'m totally insane today. I swear my brain has gone wonky.
Random Fact About Me #8: I didn't take a shower until I was in 6th grade. My house that I grew up in was incredibly old and only had a bathtub. The old style that are on little legs off the floor. Yeah...imagine that? I take showers now, but I really miss taking baths. Our stupid bathroom plungy thing is broken :/

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