Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grumbly in my Tumbly.

I'm sooo hungry. I'm getting ready to put the kids down for a nap and then I'm gonna pig out on who knows what.

Today I brought the toy organizer shelf/bucket thing back upstairs. The little bucket wasn't cutting it anymore.

We watched Aladdin and Meet the Robinsons this morning :) Very cute movies. I forgot how much I love Aladdin.

I really need to get rid of these fleas. They are eating poor little Cami up :(

Uhm...I'm totally uneventful today.

I made hamburger pizza last night. Haven't had it in years.

We're going out tonight to Target and Friendly's :)) Because tomorrow is my birthday! w00t.
So...Random Fact About Me #2: I'm one of those incredibly paranoid moms. Like I freak about EVERYTHING. My poor kids are going to hate me one day :(

Random Fact About Me #3: I love pumpkin flavored anything. Coffee, cheesecake, pudding, pie!! LOVE IT.

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Brandie.Tenderhearted said...

Happy Early Birthday sweetpea!! I love you.