Monday, September 20, 2010


The last weekend has been SO busy!

Saturday was mandatory fun day at batallion. Then we had a cookout at our house which was super fun.

Sunday was the Taylor's cookout.

Today, Nick has the day off because he HAD to be at work on Saturday. He was woken up early to go deal with drama at the barracks and then ran to Guthrie to get prescriptions for Matthew and me. Then he went to Clark Hall to get CYS paperwork.

I decided to call up the vet and NO ONE answered so I ended up just taking Bella in as a walk-in to get shots and microchipped. She did SO well. I swear that she is the best cat in the whole world!! There were at least a dozen dogs around and she was just fine! When I let her out of the crate back in the room, she didn't freak at all. She was sooo calm! She had 2 shots and then they did the microchipping. She didn't even FLINCH. Nothing. She is an AWESOME cat. I love her. A TON! Seriously..she's amazing.

I made Buffalo Chicken soup for dinner. It was also amazing.

And now I'm writing my paper and taking breaks to sing with the Fresh Beat Band and play some Heart Gold. :)

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