Sunday, October 10, 2010

Busy Busy Bee. :]

Bzz. Bzz.

Gah. I'm so random :P

So today, I've been full force working on my research paper. I've read through 2 sources and already feel much more confident about it!! I think this one will be a breeze to get through. I have 5 sources altogether. Then I think tomorrow I will work on my final paper on DADT. Again, this should be an incredibly easy paper. I can write about DADT ALL DAY LONG! Too easy. I think I will get a good grade on it too. And then...ughh...onto my mass communications extra credit report because this girl refuses to make a B. It's a 4 to 5 page report on someone who has influenced broadcasting [television, radio or motion pictures] or an event, but I'm going to do a person. I'm not so confident on that one...but I only need 20 out of the possible 50 points to get an A. So I guess it doesn't have to be super great or anything.

I think after Cami wakes up, we're going to the dog park's playground. Tomorrow I want to take the kids to a pumpkin patch out in Sackets Harbor. And then Nick is back to work on Tuesday. Not thrilled for that one. But good news is...HIS FLAG IS LIFTED!! After almost 2 months of being flagged for an outdated PT score that wasn't outdated....he's no longer flagged. He talked to a guy in HRC and they said that he should see his promotion reflected 1 Sept as well. We're still waiting on that one. And if he does get that...he will get 3 paychecks worth of the increased pay we missed [just the difference]. I think it's super exciting and I really hope that nothing gets screwed up to where he doesn't get the promotion. I'm kind of worried that he won't get actually promoted until he deploys and that will anger me if I miss his SERGEANT promotion. Going from e4 to e5 is a BIG deal. He'll no longer be junior enlisted...he'll be a non-commissioned officer!! Seriously!

Oh and update on my finger...I squeezed it 2 days ago after I had soaked it...pus was green. So I have staph. Which makes got infected because it was simply a wound. And it got super painful and swollen because it abcessed. I hate staph. Did I mention that? It's not swollen any more and it hardly hurts anymore. w00t.

Okey doke...enough of that. Tomorrow is our 6 year anni...we started dating Oct. 11, 2004. :] w00t.

I have 5 new recipes to post on my recipe blog...urgh. Eventually today.

Random Fact About Me #12: I used to stay up to read when I was little. I used to get in big trouble for staying up too late reading too...and I'd read by the light of the street light outside and have crazy listening to make sure my parents weren't coming upstairs and wouldn't take my book away. LOL

Oh and a few pics :]
Daddy push-up!
Always picking up the kitty :/

Went to the mall on Friday :]

Eating Wendy's!

Silly boy!

Me and the kiddos :]

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