Friday, October 1, 2010

CYS physicals today.

Bright and early this morning we went to Guthrie Clinic to get physicals for the kids. They were completely fine until we stepped into the actual dr part of the clinic [when we were called back]. Both started SCREECHING. Ughh.

So...Cami is 28.7 lbs [45%] and 3' 0.5" tall [60%] and Matthew is 34.1 lbs [50%] and 3' 3" tall [45%] - so both are pretty much average little kiddos :)

The dr set us UP for Matthew. We're getting Atarax, Zyrtec, Albuterol, Cutivate and Vanicream. << Is it crazy how much prescription crap Matthew gets??? The Albuterol is going to be a trial type thing because of his reaction to sesame. If it doesn't really "work," in case of an emergency, we will end up with an Epipen.

So I go to pick up all of that stuff later today after naptime, which will be magnificent. I HATE Guthrie's pharmacy. It's ridiculous. Seriously. It takes DECADES to get medicines.

Tonight we're doing a pizza & video game night with a few friends. w00t. Much better than the typical 8 zillion people over so everyone can get frat-boy shitty ass drunk and I have to make sure all the kids are okay and constantly clean up after everyone. :)

Random Fact About Me #9: I hate lipstick and lipgloss. I prefer lip balm/chapstick.

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