Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fat. I. Gue.

Yeah...I'm exhausted. I feel like everything decided to hit me at once and it's very overwhelming.

I haven't talked to Nick since Sunday, it's now Wednesday. This is not what I've ever been used to and it's taking a toll on me. Matthew is still having meltdowns daily - mostly at bedtime, middle of the night wakings. :( Our garbage disposal crapped out on us now my sink is full of putrid smelling dirty water. Maintenance will be here within the next 2 hours to fix it. My classes are AWESOME. I've been able to span out my homework over the weekdays and so far, I'm right on schedule. I've been thinking of getting ahead while I can because I really like Psychology and Geology. I feel like I'm retaining information - for once. I had some trouble on Monday when I went to start the was on my enrolled classes list but when I went to the portal to get to my class, it said I wasn't enrolled. I had to call the school and a lady was able to drop me from my classes and reenroll me and fix it. *phew* But college is really a soft spot for me right now. I get more and more frustrated and confused and scared and everything in between when I see what nursing programs expect for you to get admitted to them. I pretty much have to get the ball rolling right now and get vaccinated - NOT EXCITED. I hate shots and I absolutely am a big baby about them. And I DON'T want the flu shot (especially since it's a combo this year) - because every year I begged my mom to let it slide and she ALWAYS made us get the stupid things and every year I got sick. I don't WANT to be sick. The kids and I are HARDLY EVER SICK. Last time I was sick was December 2008. The kids have had a couple runny nose/cough common colds, but not the FLU. GAWDDDDDD. I'm just angry that I've been busting my ass on this associate's and it won't even count for much :( I'm going to have to get an ADN. I might have to settle for LPN rather than RN depending on time/money, etc. Just absolutely freaking frustrating!!! Oh and CPR certified. Have to do that too. I know I will at LEAST need both of those before I can get into a nursing program :/

Idk. I'm just so frustrated right now and I really would love to talk to Nick...actually talk to him...most of our talking that we've been able to get in is...I'm here...I'm busy...dry air...chapped lips. Kids, refrigerator, finances. It sucks.


I do not like deployments.

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stone_caitlin said...

Hey! Take it from me, nursing program requirements aren't that bad once you get into them. It seems expensive, but insurance should pay for most of it. You get into a routine, there's more time in the day than you think there is (but I don't have two small children, so feel free to ignore that), and it'll all work out!