Saturday, October 23, 2010

Huh. Crazy.

The kids are actually behaving pretty well today.

I've cleaned a lot of stuff up in the last 2 days as well :] I've been awesome at cleaning now that I have some free time.

I think I've finally figured out how we can go about getting Christmas presents. I'm going to need to make a trip out to Target and the mall.  I definitely need some wrapping paper..ugh!

I got my final essay grade - 160/200 - I attacked the opposition. Whoops. Now I'm just waiting to see if it's an A in the class. I know I have one in Mass Comm because the teacher is nice enough to tell us what makes what grade.

And Matthew went drawing up a STORM this morning. **pic heavy**
This is me. I'm crying because I have a boo boo and apparently that boo boo is staph.

Then Matthew drew feathers on my head...??

Now I'm happy!

And I get a hat that is falling off my head, he said it was about to fall in the street. He tried to draw the street on the bottom, but the little eraser thing was in the way.

This is a baby Matthew.

Kind of reminds me of Ike on South Park. LMAO

We just started working on writing capital letters. We were trying for A but he decided to write a T instead.

Mr. Fluffy from Ni Hao Kailan

And this is an army truck. Daddy is driving Matthew in it :]

Here's the new fridge...

And the new bedspread which is 8 billion times warmer than the last which is GREAT seeing as how NY is lame and decides to be in the low 40s for the past few days.

And here's some extras of the kids- just because :)

Sgt just like Daddy :D

Getting ready to eat their first kiss out of the kiss jar :]

Look at these crazy clouds!! They just went straight down in stripes?? Don't worry I wasn't actually driving, I was in the parking lot of Walmart in park hoping no one would drive up behind me. LOL

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