Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I've been doing...crappy.

With keeping up with these blogs.
I need to write out a good long one tomorrow. If I remember.

I spent the last weeks really spending quality time with Nick.
Today is Day #2 and I've been dealing with Matthew acting out and having meltdowns at bedtime. But the days have gone by so fast. It's literally like I blink and it's lunch time and then I blink and it's dinner time...blink again and it's midnight. I hope for Matthew's sake that it's going by just as quickly for him.

I did get to briefly message with Nick today and he is doing fine and is almost there. They always stop somewhere else for a while and then go on to their destination.

I keep getting people telling me that since this is not his first, it will be easier. Last year, I answered a question on if deployments get easier with each one that passes. Back then I said that no, not really. I don't think it gets better. I'm not sure if it even is something you get used to. This one snuck up on us too fast and I had a really hard time dropping him off. I'm not scared or worried about him. I just don't want to be without him for a year. Nick is my very best friend and not having him around just breaks my heart.


That is all for tonight. I need to get to bed!

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