Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My bwain hurtz.

It's almost 11am...and I think I'm about to start cleaning like a mad woman. Let it be known that I really don't want to, but my house is a mess and needs cleaning severely. I've thought of a few more things to add to my deployment list.

  1. Explore the surrounding areas.
  2. 30 Day Shred and/or P90X
  3. Drink more water. Soda on occasion, very rare occasion.
  4. KEEP my cleaning schedule.
  5. Organize all of the basement and get rid of anything that is get-riddable.
  6. Find a place to get rid of the junk in the garage [the broken appliances].
  7. Catch up on movies, books and tv.
  8. Try to get closer to my natural hair color and grow my hair out long!
  9. *New* Potty train Cambria.
  10. *New* Do a deployment chain of rings with construction paper.
  11. *New* Do a kiss jar for the kids.
  12. *New* Try lots of new recipes.
  13. *New* Organize everything in the house that needs to be organized.
I'm bouncing back and forth between being ready for the deployment and feeling sad. I'm still trying to think about how long we will stay at the hangar with Nick. It may be harder to stay until he leaves, so we may not stay the whole time. He got an email yesterday from GoArmyEd about his flag being lifted, so he printed out a bunch of stuff and he's hoping he will get his promotion! I do too. He really has been screwed over countless times that he shouldn't have been. It's almost a year overdue now. The first time he made points was in October 2009. Then again in June 2010. September 2010 was the THIRD time. And all of these times s1 screwed up his paperwork and were the reason he didn't get promoted. :/

I have 2 more papers to write and I'm done with this semester. I'm not sure if I will clean today during the kids' naptime or if I will work on one or the other. Mass Communications is an extra credit report, but I want to do it so I can make an A in the class. Freshman Comp is my final exam essay, but should be incredibly easy because I'm doing DADT.

Cami is sick :/ It seems like every time we bring the girl out of the house, she ends up sick. It's just a cold though. She's a little warm, stuffy, runny nose and slight coughing. Still acting completely normal.

Random Fact About Me #13 - I hate cleaning kitchens. I hate dishes. I hate cleaning the counters, table, stove. I hate cleaning the refrigerator. I hate sweeping and mopping. I hate EVERYTHING in the kitchen.

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