Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh mah gosh!

Let me see here...I need to superly update.

Me: My finger is DEAD! Almost 2 weeks ago, I cut my finger. I cleaned it immediately, put antibiotic ointment on it and bandaged it up. was almost healed up completely this last weekend and then I noticed it was hurting a little. I thought maybe I had gotten a shard of glass in it. So I poked and prodded at it...and it got infected. I didn't know until 2 days ago for sure though. It got incredibly swollen and painful. I went to the dr Tuesday night..they did an xray, no glass. So I'm on cephalexin (Keflex?) and I soak it in warm water with this vinegar smelling stuff and then mupirocin and a band-aid. It is soooo painful right now. So painful I took 1/2 a hydro yesterday. I have no more hydros so I've been taking Midol :( I cannot even straighten my finger because it so swollen and painful. It's just ridiculous. I just want my finger to get back to normal :(

I am almost done with my first half of the fall semester of college. As most of you know from my complaining...I'm taking Mass Communications [which I love] and Freshman Comp [which I hate]. I only have a quiz and the final left in MC. I have my research paper and final essay for FC. Then I am DONE...until Oct 25. I'm taking Geology Lab, Intro to Geology and Intro to Psychology. It will be busy but I will also be incredibly lonely with no husband, so I want to knock a bunch out.

I've made my list of things that I want to get while Nick is deployed for around the house...around tax time I want to get the kids a dresser set (with at least one nightstand) for their rooms at Raymour & Flanigans. Cami needs a new carseat ASAP because she is outgrown from her one she has now. So I'm planning on spending a little extra money and getting a Graco Nautilus. It harnesses up to 65 lbs and boosters up to 100lbs. She's way too small for a booster seat yet. I would really like to replace some stuff that I have now that are starting to get a new set of knives for the kitchen [Paula Deen set], a new griddle because mine just crapped out on me, a new spice rack with new spices, a new vacuum [mine got left in the rain], and a new tv for our bedroom [the one we have is making this ringing noise loudly over the tv show audio, we've had it for a good 4 years and it's been through countless moves]. I also want a couple other things for around the house - a new litterbox that is easier to clean, a booklight, cushions for the kitchen chairs, and an iron and ironing board.

I have the kids' Christmas lists ready to go. I have wish lists together on so I can just order it when I'm ready. I'm excited for them to get their toys this year. I found a Leapster 2 CARS edition. It's just too cool!!

Kids: They have been HORRIBLE lately. Yesterday we told them that Daddy has to go to work work on the big airplane again. While he is deployed, I'm doing one of the construction paper chains with 365 take one off each day. We're going to draw pictures and write to him this time. Do little crafts :]  I'm very terrified of how the kids will react this time. The only thing I know is that Matthew's face lit up when I said that we would talk to Daddy on the computer like we did last time. I'm also terrified of how they will react/adjust when he finally comes home. I don't know if they are misbehaving because it's a stage or they realize Nick is going to deploy. I think it's the age. They are constantly hitting and fighting. They fight over toys, they are just rude to each other. It drives me up a wall. Cami terrorizes the cat. Not really on purpose...just she is too rough with her. Always wants to pick her up. GRR. The latest thing though is that Matthew has started DRAWING things. Actually drawing and not scribbling! I'm so proud of him. :]
His first person!
His spider - 8 legs - didn't tell him they had 8 legs.
This is a banana man.
Another spider...this one has 9 legs though.

Pretty crazy right now...but hopefully things will calm down and be a bit more together by the time Nick leaves. :/

Random Fact About Me #10 (I hope): I have an extremely massive turbo crazy sweet tooth. No joke.

Random Fact About Me #11 - 11 is my favorite #. Nick asked me out on Oct. 11 because I tricked him because I didn't want to be asked out on the 12th. He knew this and was torturing me telling me he was waiting until the 12th. Matthew and Cami's due dates were on the 11th of their months, both were born on their due dates on the 11th of their months and they were 11 months apart to the very day. Matthew's labor was 11 hours long! :]

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