Monday, November 15, 2010

In heat.

So...Bella is in heat again. I'm about to go insane. This makes three times in the last month and a half. I have a sneaking suspicion that when I call the vet on the 29th...the next schedule will be full :/ I HAVE to get her fixed and I'm about to take her off post to get it done. I cannot deal with it anymore. She doesn't meow until I get in bed and I already have enough trouble sleeping as is. She'll sit in the hallway and meow where it all echoes. UGHHHH.

The kids are driving me nuts too. They've gotten so rambunctious lately. They just run and yell, no matter how much I tell them to settle down and use their inside voices. Matthew has a bad case of the mines. It doesn't matter what he is playing with, the second Cami grabs a toy that is his, he freaks out and starts throwing a fit when she doesn't give him the toy. Cami hits Matthew for everything. No matter how many times I tell them to share and not hit, it doesn't happen. My throat has been scratchy and dry and I think it's from yelling.

Today will be Day #13 of the 30 day shred (almost halfway there). I'm moving up to Level 3 today and hoping I won't die. I saw Jillian on the Talk last week and have to admit, I think I like the heman. She's not so bad after all. And she has a new Wii game that comes out tomorrow that I'm eyeing.

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