Thursday, March 31, 2011

If You Want to Be My BFF - Part Deux

I am a fan of sloppy foods. Ones where I can get my face and hands covered with food...
[then slurp what's left off of my fingers]

I am sore loser.

Before I met my husband, I had no spice tolerance whatsoever.

I have an unnatural fear of scary in I'm pretty sure Jigsaw, that crazy bitch from Stay Alive and Freddy Kreuger may or may not come kill me at any point in time...because I watched a movie.

I eat my French fries with mayonnaise.

At any given time, I probably have no clue where my cell phone is.

The only sports team that I really care about is the Minnesota Vikings!

I don't do confrontation well.

I've never been to the beach or seen the ocean.

I am not a morning person. At all. I hate mornings. I'm a big ole grumpfish!

I have a weird thing with numbers.

You want to see Part 1? I know you do! Check it out here.


Amber said...

i dont even have to bother with reading this....
i'm already the bff :p

Cait Monster said...

You have never been to the beach or seen the ocean!? Seriously, you must go at least once.
I can't even explain the awesomeness in it. Just watching and listening to the waves is so relaxing. Then you start to think about how huge the ocean really is because it covers the entire bottom of the horizon if you stand at the edge and It's