Wednesday, March 23, 2011

If You Want to Be My BFF

So my real life BFF, Amber, is freaking AMAZING. She loves to feed my addictions, but not in a bad, illegal way...she gives me many many links to new blogs. :) She is the one who pointed out Little Miss Momma - Ashley. LMM is such a great site and Ashley is both gorgeous and hilarious.

I bookmarked the "If you want to be my bff" posts months ago and I'm just now going through all my bookmarks and stumbled across it. I HAVE to do it.

This is what you need to know if you want to be my bff [using special-esque formatting because I'm cool like that - *giggle*]:

I love food. More specifically, I love sweets. Even more specifically, I love chocolate. [except dark]

I love to play sports, especially BASEBALL, football, kickball and volleyball.

Summer is my favorite season. I like the sun, the warmth and being outdoors.

Speaking of summer, I'm a pale bitch. Sunscreen is my hero.

I have a potty mouth.
[and no matter how hard I try to reform, I can't]

I have strong opinions and strong emotions. I rarely express either.

I am obsessed with laughing.

I am sort of a hypochondriac, but at the same time, I usually do have the things that I think ail me.

I hold grudges.

I love school, books and writing.

Owls. Need I say more?

Memories influence everything.

I'm a tomboy. I'm completely uninformed in the girl world. [Plus vaginas freak me out]

I hate cleaning.

I think that's enough for now :) I'll do more sometime in the future!


Amber said...

I <3 that I'm your real life bff
You're mine too.
And our hubbies and kids' too!!!! haha

Becky said...

Thank you so much for your kind words on my feature at For the Love of Blogs. It made my day!

Angel Perry said...

Loved all your answers! We are a lot alike. Cute blog you have here :}