Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Normal post.

I had lots of things that I wanted to talk about and I completely have blanked on a bunch of them.  So I'll hit what I can remember!

I have been having superly strange dreams lately. Last night's was about our dog Oreo that we rehomed because she was too much for ME to handle. I miss her. I never really was fond of her because I couldn't handle her and I was able to train a headstrong husky pup. She did NOT listen to me. Anyways, I digress.. I had a dream that we found her in the shelter and we were trying to bring her back home. I've already told Nick that I check Craigslist often, because if Oreo for some reason ever gets bounced around, I want her back.

Nick and I have been going through this painful cycle of me taking pictures to try and look like we scanned a document for a couple years now. I also was taking pictures of pictures. That's annoying. So I was like..you know what...there's a little extra money leftover from the tax return...and I got an all-in-one doohickey - printer scanner fantastical amazingness! I scanned an asston of old pics of me that I have temporary custody of while I make my mom scrapbooks :)
I think Matthew looks a lot like me when I was this age. Cute, right?
How PRESH was I????
One of my favorite pictures of my mom, little brother and me. With Babers photo-bombing us a little bit!
Biggest Fish of the week at Lake Scandi...and it was by complete accident when I decided to go fishing unsupervised while my mom napped in the tent and my stepdad and little brother were on out in the boat on the lake.
And my first picture of my pregnancy with Matthew!
Oh the memories!
I also ordered 2 new Wii remotes and a 4 remote charger with the Hasbro Family Game Night Bundle - because in 40ish days...the kids and I will be in TN with the family getting ready to pick Nick up from the airport for R&R. :)))) And it will be on like DONKEY KONG! I love Wii parties with the family!

And a bit of a rant for today. I went grocery shopping and while bringing in groceries, my neighbor came out with her new baby and I had to stop and talk and oodle at the baby a bit. He's got the chubbiest cheeks. I was maybe standing there for 2 minutes. I walk into the house with the groceries and see that Matthew has taken a 3-slot Wilton sprinkle container that was completely unused and dumped it all over my kitchen. Every last part of my kitchen and eating area had sprinkles...To give you an idea of how much I had to clean up...it took TWO hours...here's a picture of my kitchen and dining area..
Ignore the mess, we were moving in.
Ignore the mess again :)

Today is exciting for me because I found out that I will be the final writer on Love Without Training Wheels! My bff, Amber, writes on it, which is where I heard about it. I was on there reading a couple days ago and then saw that they were looking for one more writer and applied, on a whim. I'm a good rambler. I always have SOMETHING to say. And I'm great at talking about my relationship. I'm a fairly honest person, and I'm not talking about I tell the truth, I mean that I am able to recognize and tell others my faults. I can't wait to get started!

And you may have noticed that the blog has a new look...well, I mean you may notice if you've been on my blog before...:) I have started a spinoff weekly post called Telephone Tree Tuesdays. Another blogger did something on Tuesdays that was really fun, but she is taking an indefinite break from blogging...so...I want to continue to do the same type of post. :) So fresh new look and lots of new things to come!

I'm almost done with Clamhouse Book Club's pick "Fates Will Find Their Way." - I'm very completely UNimpressed with this one and I can't wait to get it done. Then I will be able to read my Readers Anonymous's pick "A Discovery of Witches" and then MORE Black Dagger Brotherhood :)


Manda-Nicole said...

Just wanted to say... LOVE the pregnancy photo you have of yourself up... you look like one HOT mama!

And haha on the sprinkles... gotta love kids :p

Today mine refused to leave her slippers on. I must have put them on her feet twenty times haha

Amber said...

I <3 you!!!!! I'm so excited that you're a writer for LWTW!!
I love the preggo pic! And Holy crap, now I feel bad for laughing at the sprinkle mess after seeing how big your dining/kitchen area is. :/
PS-I think my blog needs a makeover!! :)