Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pregnancy Brain

My husband told me that he thinks my baby fever gave me faux-pregnancy brain. I'm going to agree so I don't feel stupid. LOL.

Yesterday I realized my tags on my car expired a week ago and that my cable/phone/internet bill hadn't been paid in THREE months because my old debit card expired in beg. of January so I got a "new" one with a new exp date...and never updated my info. So that was a good $550 out of the bank account :S

I am frustrated that I have forgotten so much stuff lately. It's annoying because I normally am so put together and organized. I quarantined myself in my room last night to clean. Like CLEAN CLEAN. I got a good chunk here's what it looks like..
I made it out alive! YAY. :)
That's the foot of my bed "Put Away" stuff. I need to hang the clothes up in the right hamper and put the towels away in the left hamper.
And here's my stack of crap to go through. You don't see my crocheting pile or my scrapbooking pile...or the second pile of school stuff, but that's all stuff that needs to find a spot somewhere. The stack with the red book is ALL recipe books and magazines :)

I also cheated on my book with some Rock of Love Charm School last night...and sudoku. Whoops. I'm a little more than halfway through Dark Lover by JR Ward. I need to start A Discovery of Witches and that Fates book ASAP. :)

w00t. I'm in a good mood despite cleaning and crazy stressful stuff yesterday :) Oh and a phone call from my husband ending abruptly (aka cut off) and not getting a call or email afterwards. :S

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Amber said...

hahaha. adding your button and you and nick are lame :p