Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Cleaning

When I was growing up, my mom always had one weekend of spring cleaning that I dreaded. She took out every dish in the cupboard that was "seasonal" and washed it (like Christmas platters, punch bowls, etc.). She gave us bowls of water and vinegar and wash rags and we washed every wall, door and baseboard in the house. We washed all the windows. Gah. I HATED spring cleaning.

And now I'm finding myself doing the same thing.

I hate cleaning. Absolutely despise it, but it needs to be done. I have made a weekly cleaning schedule that I used to stick to and I'm currently getting back into following. Here's what it looks like:

Sundays: Mop kitchen floors, vacuum living room, go through bills and papers
Mondays: Clean microwave and coffee pot thoroughly, clean master bedroom, vacuum master bedroom and living room, empty all trash cans in the house
Tuesday: Grocery shop, Trash Pickup Day, organize kitchen cabinets while putting groceries away
Wednesday: Change sheets/bedding and towels throughout the house and wash them, vacuum living room
Thursday: Clean kids' rooms - dust, vacuum, their laundry
Friday: My laundry, Vacuum living room, empty trash cans in the house
Saturday: Dust all rooms, vacuum living room, clean bathrooms

Daily or as needed: Clean litterbox, bathtubs, empty trash (although I usually don't have to until Monday/Fridays), Sweep, Wipe kitchen surfaces, Dishes

Monthly: Clean oven, clean refrigerator (take everything out and wipe down), weedwhack side yard

I have found that breaking up chores helps me to get them done. Of course, right now I have a good backup of things that need to be done. But today I've dusted the whole house and vacuumed the living room. I've cleaned up a lot of clutter (however, I moved most of it into my bedroom) and I even MADE MY BED. This is a huge accomplishment because I hate making my bed. I think that a lot of my resentment for cleaning comes from my mom's cleanfreak ways. *sigh* I wish I didn't resent cleaning so much. Anyways...I've made a huge list of stuff that I want to get done. A very huge list that will take months to finish, I'm sure.

  1. Get a basket to keep MY stuff in the living room.
  2. Fill garbage bags with stuff to bring to Goodwill or thrift store. Locate both of those places in the surrounding areas.
  3. Put together kids' scooters and move them, the wagon and Matthew's bike into the garage since it's getting warmer out.
  4. Clean sideyard.
  5. Find out when the next bulk pick up is and get everything bulky out to the curb.
  6. Wash walls with vinegar - I may break this up to do a few rooms each week until it's done.
  7. Weed the garden
  8. Get grill out of storage "shed" - this will have to wait until May when I get back from TN so no one steals it.
  9. Clean/organize storage "shed"
  10. Wash car
  11. Wipe the interior of the car down with Armorall wipes
  12. Steam clean the carpet and upholstery in the car
  13. Clean stacks of clutter in my room - I may have to break this up too.
  14. Organize master bedroom closet.
  15. Clean the shelf in the laundry room.
  16. Organize basement - this will absolutely be broken up because there is so much crap down there. I want to organize it into "keepers", "go through", and "get rid of"
  17. Make monthly menu for April
  18. Go through toys
  19. Go through my nightstand.

That all sounds so exhausting.
Did I mention I'm in clutter rehab...

That's the book written by the wonderful lady at
It came yesterday in the mail :)


Amber said...

I need this book.
I despise cleaning. :/

Bri said...

I need to do this list. LOL I can never do it all at once. =/

Erin said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love lists and am forever writing them. I started putting my tasks into google calendar. It's easy to carry them over to the next day if they're not done, and then I don't have to worry about losing the paper they're on.

I just started reading, so I'll have to check out her book. Cheers, and good luck on that list!