Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Telephone Tree Tuesday on a Wednesday.

*phew* I feel like life is going 250 mph right now!

I've been trying really hard to keep up with cleaning. And I'm doing pretty well actually. Tomorrow I'm going to take the car in to get a tune-up and fix our coolant leak. I planned it to where we can go eat lunch across the street while it gets worked on :) Then if it's warm like today (It's 48!!!), I can finally clean the car out. It needs a good washing, vacuuming, steam cleaning, Armorall wipe down and windows wiped. I bet I could at least get the car wash and vacuuming done...and then do the rest later's going to take me hours for sure.

And with being all cleaning crazy...I didn't get around to doing the Telephone Tree yesterday, so here it is a day late!

Ready to print out some more recipes :}

I don't even like marshmellows and these are amazing. I also refuse to spell marshmellows correctly.

178 pages of deliciousness :} I'm killing trees. Shame on me.

We briefly went into the men's section at Target and Matthew was hollering that Daddy would love these shirts *snickers* I should have picked him up one!

Friendly's is amazing. It was the first time in a few months we had gone to Friendly's and we missed it!

Soft Pretzel Bun Burger with Vermont Cheddar and Bacon. HOLY NOM.

Bella got new toys with lots of catnip. She's addicted to it. She attacked a shirt.

Matthew's Pirate :)

He got a new book - Mater Tales. He loves it.

Got BK and I ended up with 4 fries in my onion rings...shame it was all cold :/

Our Best Bites cookbook (EEP!!!), Dining Out At Home cookbook and gossip magazines. These made my day.

Doing a recipe index this morning so I can better keep track of all the recipes I have. 16 pages, double columns...I have a problem.

My obsessiveness with Lady GaGa. That's my username...along with my user picture.

My FF persona is Born This Way.

And this picture is my desktop :}


Amber said...

Oh my gosh, your obsession is getting out of hand!!! Hahahahaah!!!

Sarah E. said...

Which one?