Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Telephone Tree Tuesdays.

I'm taking an idea and running with it. Another blogger did a Tuesday picture linky party and she has decided to take an indefinite break from the blog world.

Here's what's going on with me (in pictures)!

New clothes for Cami-bami :) I love the first two especially! The ones on the left are pjs, the ones on the right are outfits :)
And here's the pretty girl modeling her other set of pjs :)
Sock Monkey love :) I got this sucker in a coffee mug!!!
The ever-growing collection of Cars cars...and that's not all of them. *sigh*
Bella Mau says "NO reading for you!!"
"Let's sit backwards!!!" and then they laughed like crazy people.
My slippers went missing...hmm :)
Future hairdresser?? Special note: Notice the Army pt shirt in the picture and above the camo long johns...Matthew decided in the middle of the night to change out of his sleeper...and he chose his own clothes and dressed himself. He MATCHED! So cute, right?

Fortune Favors the Brave

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Amber said...

omg how cute are you!!! I can't link up today... i've already posted all my phone pics. booo.
But you are so cute and OMG i love your new bloggy look!!