Thursday, April 21, 2011

Decided It's Time For a Little...

TV Show Talk :D

I might start doing this once a week. Maybe Saturday nights.

Khloe and Lamar on E!
 Lamar's friend Jamie has had some hard times. But now he's lazing around while he's supposed to be handling "Rich Soil", Lamar's clothing line. Khloe talks to Lamar and then brings it up at a dinner "party" unsuccessfully. Later, she changes the locks to the loft (? I wasn't really paying attention when they were talking about what she was changing the locks on) and goes to tell Jamie. He starts getting irritated and they start to argue. I think that Jamie is a bit sexist. The way he talks to Lamar on the phone about her "You need to handle your wife" and then how he is a bit snarky when Khloe and him go out to lunch. She has been successful in the world of business and I think she's completely right in this situation.

Sister Wives on TLC
Meri's sister passed away from colon cancer, so Meri is going to get a colonoscopy. They find polyps but they end up being noncancerous. The wives talk about how they have their own support system in the polygamy lifestyle where they know their children will always have someone to take care of them even if something happens to them. That was a lot of thems. I hope I didn't get confusing. Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn have some non-Polygamist friends over for a little "Thank You" dinner. It seems like they have some great friends that aren't judgemental. I get pretty irate over people saying their lifestyle is disgusting or demeaning. These are all adults who consented to this lifestyle. Furthermore, what's normal for us is heterosexual monogamy because it's the majority of what our society practices...or I should say that is what our society sets as the "right thing." If I'm not mistaken, all five of them were raised in the polygamy faith and it is normal for them. I absolutely adore Kody's quote "Love should be multiplied, not divided" - before I watched the show, I was against polygamy. Now I'm not.

Mob Wives on VH1
 Woah nelly. This is going to be interesting. This was the series premiere...all I have to say is that Renee needs to lay off the tanning, plastic surgery and attitude. She thinks she's hot shiz and she's disgusting. Way over the top! 

Secret Life of the American Teenager on ABC Family
 Adrienne wants everyone in the wedding, including Amy and Ricky. Amy is flipping her shit about Adrienne and Ben getting married before her and Ricky. Ricky's mom and Amy's dad are flirting. Adrienne and Ben's parents talk about getting them a condo. Lauren's mom and stepdad are separating and it seems like her mom and dad are getting jiggy with it. Ben and Ricky have a talk. Ricky urges Ben to not get married yet. Madison and Jack are back togetherish. The texting is so annoying. Grace and Grant aren't going to have sex. Holy crap. Does Grant annoy anyone else? Like a lot? I think it was Chelsea Handler that pointed out how many times they say sex in one episode...or maybe it was The Soup. Who knows? Adrienne is way overexcited about the condo. Amy decides to bombard Ricky and be all "Hey let's have sex" and then...her dad is there. FAIL. HAHAHAHAHA. And then he's all "let's not have sex" and then Amy gets on her knees and asks him to marry her. WTF. The only reason I still watch this show is because I watched the first 2 seasons....ahh too much time invested into this awful acting and writing to stop!

16 & Pregnant on MTV
 Jordan is a twin. Her twin is incredibly annoying. She whiny and jealous about her twin sister having a boyfriend and not spending every second of every day with her. Brian reminds me of my husband. I like him. They seem very strong and solid in their relationship. You can tell he really cares about her, he was wiping away tears during labor seeing her in pain. He was crying when he got to hold Noah. I was bawling my eyes out. I think I do this with every birth I see. It's such a perfect moment. Now...Noah ends up with severe acid reflux. They dealt with it for 5 weeks before going to the dr. Don't babies have well checkups at 2 weeks and 1 month? Or do they not do that anymore? I get kind of peeved when these teen mothers wait until last second to get their babies checked out (Like with Corey and Leah's baby Ali)...I would never wait as long as they did if I suspected something was wrong. Maybe I'm just paranoid. I think these 2 will make it. They have a very supportive family and seem to be rock solid in their relationship. Another thought: I wish MTV would teach these girls how to properly restrain their children in carseats. 

Note for all you readers: Please please educate yourself on car seat safety. I was very uneducated about the subject too and thanks to the Cafemom carseat enthusiasts, I learned what was the right way for everything. My top tips: the straps should be snug against your little one - NO SLACK, the chest clip should sit right underneath their armpits, the actual belts themselves should be a little above or right at their shoulders, NO thick coats or sweaters on when they are in the carseat (I live in Ft. Drum, NY and it gets really cold here - it's completely possible to keep them warm and safe! Promise!), invest in a great carseat (I saved up and got 2 Graco Nautilus-es) that will last a long time, rear facing is important..and most importantly - don't make petty excuses about carseat safety - it's your child's life that we're talking about!

Glee on Fox

I must admit. This episode was a little boring so I didn't really pay attention. My favorite part was definitely Britney killing at the little smart kid thingie. Basically the Glee Club is raising money for Nationals (right?) by doing a Neglect Night or something like that. 6 people show up. 4 hecklers who were Sue's minons...and then Kurt and his bf. Sunshine (the little Asian from Vocal Adrenline) had betrayed them by saying she was going to help out and get her 900 twitter followers to come and then she didn't. Mercedes tries to act like a diva. And....Holly and Mr. Shuester have some jealousy issues. Then they break up as she accepts a job in Cleveland, very sweet breakup if you ask me. She also tells Will that she freed up a girl with her counseling sessions and that the girl likes him too. That balding glasses guy (I'm bad with names :P) finances the smart kid thingie. Then the episode ends with Sue telling the Honey Badger (Will's ex-wife) that it's her time. DUN DUN DUN. Next episode has more Gaga...YAY! :D

The Real World: Las Vegas on MTV
 New roommate. Oh my. I think Nany and Naomi are being super catty. I like the new roomy, Cooke. But that could be because she's a tomboy. Mike is right about Dustin. And the girls are annoying because they are all "She's a bitch" one second and then "Why isn't she with us? Are we not good enough for her?" the next. Like figure out what you're gonna be. She told them flat out at the little lunch that she had a hard time making friends with girls. She hangs out with guys. Jeez. Oh and Naomi is ticking me off with Leroy. She says he can hook up with whoever, but she's getting mad over Cooke?? Really? I never really liked Naomi and after the whole Adam crap with Nany, I really don't like her. What twats. Cookie had to go pee and she pointed towards where Heather was standing and Naomi overreacted and then told Nany and then they were both drunk and in Cookie's face.

And that's it for this week since I'm homebound and won't be able to get to my DVR stuff until I'm back.

What shows do you watch every week?
If you watch some of these, what were your thoughts? 

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