Monday, April 11, 2011


I've been plastering that all over Twitter today.


Mondays suck.

My Monday so far has consisted of: waking up too late, realizing that my dinner was actually an 8 hour slow cooker meal not a 4 hour, then realizing my chuck roast was bad anyways, my cat used my arm to jump onto the couch (ow)...and I've been completely lazy. I don't WANT to clean...even though I need to do some dishes from baking last night, get the kids to pick up their toys so I can vacuum the living room, clean up my bedroom and vacuum it, take all the trash out, clean the litterbox, rerun the washer, fold and put up all the clean clothes....*sigh*

Who wants to do all that on a non-lazy day?

I also have homework to do. Of course I'm weeks ahead of schedule. I finished one class already...8 weeks into 6 days. I've managed finish reading assignments for the other class and the assignment for the second week (this week). But I have 3 more assignments plus 2 written assignments and then I will be done. I just want to be done. Especially since the end of next week I will be loading up the car and driving to Tennessee to wait for my husband to make it back for his R&R.

My mind is a complete jumble today. I've been having "a-ha!" moments all day and then 2 seconds later forgetting completely. WTF. Again...FawkMonday.

Oh and I doubt I'm getting out today to send a package off to Amber...I am a sucky bestie.. I meant to send it off last Friday.

Oh crap...I still need to call the car place about my headlights. Lammmeee.

Mondays really do suck.

Later today I will hopefully be posting 2 new memes...and then posting on 2 memes that I'm forgetting about. For shame.

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Ada said...

Boo Monday! I hope your day ends much nicer than it started. I've been in a funk for what seems like *forever* now and today's the first day I feel somewhat like myself again, so I'm thankful this Monday's brought me that at least!