Monday, April 18, 2011


I was so caught up in the excitement of getting ready to leave NY, that I completely forgot it was officially our halfway mark! This means that I need to revisit my deployment goals...

  1. Find stuff to do in the surrounding area that we haven't done before. EXPLORE. - Last month I decided to put this off until warmer weather. I'm hoping to take the kids to Old McDonald's Farm and the Thompson Park Zoo a few times this summer. Possibly the Syracuse Zoo.
  2. Regularly exercise. This was deterred with my finger. I was actually doing really well. Once my finger heals up, I'm definitely going to get back on track. I know that sounds like a lame excuse but I can't grip my weights at all. My finger frickin hurts.
  3. Drink more water. No soda. I still need to drink more water. I was doing better when I was exercising, but not so much now. I don't think I've had a soda in the last month, but I still need to drink more water than I do now.
  4. KEEP my cleaning schedule. The last 2 or so weeks I have done really great at doing this :]
  5. Find a place to get rid of the junk in the garage [the broken appliances]. Still waiting on a bulk  pickup date.
  6. Read as many books as possible and watch all the movies Nick doesn't want to watch. I'm sort of converting this into my 100-book challenge for the year. I'm 13 books in right now. I'll be able to watch more movies this summer when I'm done with school.
  7. Try to make the best out of the life in Ft. Drum. This will be easier this summer.
  8. Pick up a hobby and STICK to it. I haven't been crocheting much. But I've been blogging a bunch.
  9. Make a better, stronger marriage for myself, for my husband and for my kids. I'm excited to see how our hard work has paid off when we see each other face-to-face.
  10. Be more patient with the kids. I've gotten better, but I still think I could do more.
  11. Finish my associate's degree. I am almost done. I have 2 more assignments and a final and I'm completely done.
  12. Stop cursing so much. I've been trying to replace curse words. Eh. I could put more effort into this one.
  13. Clean the car on a nice day - take Armoral wipes to the interior and steam clean it. Then take it for regular car washes - at least every other week on bright sunny days. I did clean it out when we had a really nice day. But I still need to steam clean it. I want to do this after we get home from Knoxville. And I still want to do regular car washes.
  14. Bring the car in for a tuneup in mid-April. Done :]
  15. Mall trip at least once a month. I need out of this house. This was kind of put off due to #14.
  16. *NEW* Make a recipe bucket list.
  17. *NEW* Start the garden indoors and transfer outdoors after Mother's Day.
  18. *NEW* Start to get rid of the baby stuff in the basement.
Why am I blanking on things I want to add to my list? What the heck?


    AJ and Katy said...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog from Military Monday! Your blog is super cute!

    I actually stated awhile back trying to give up soda and drink more water as well. I do very well when I'm at work, because I just refill my glass up as I work and I do an okay job of trying not to drink soft drink until I'm around my fiance, who drinks it NON STOP and always wants to have it in the house, haha :)

    Our Little Fam said...

    Yay for halfway!!!! wooo!

    L. said...

    Congrats on reaching the half-way point! I need to work on my swearing, too, but it's just so much darn fun. :D