Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blabber and a Link to a Giveaway :)

First off...A Cup of Jenn is doing a wonderful giveaway for military families! I cried when I read her post because I have deployment hormones. It's a real thing. Promise. They kind of stick around too. Or at least for me.

I want to get Daddy Dolls. I keep meaning to...first I have to get a full head to toe picture of the hubs. Good thing that R&R is coming up. The kids and I are leaving in 8 days to go home to Tennessee and then we play the waiting game...could be a few days...could be a week. We'll be waiting for that phone call that he's in the states and we can leave for the airport to pick him up :D I am unbelievably excited.

But I'm also FREAKING out. My husband loves to make fun of me for my list making. I start gathering things up to pack and make my packing lists (that's right...multiple ones!) about 2 or 3 weeks before we leave. I plan stops and gas mileage and weather, etc. for the WHOLE trip (850+ miles). I have NO lists made yet. I'm probably going to do that tonight. I want to pack very lightly. VERY. Because I always bring WAY too much stuff. I'm a crazy person. Maybe. Probably.

Tomorrow I go in to get the headlights on the car fixed. Months ago, one went out. I finally got new ones and then the next week, the one that was out came back on. WTF, right? Then after I got the back brakes, tune up and coolant leak fixed a week or so ago, my OTHER headlight went out. My FIL said it could be dirty sockets *giggles* C'mon, tell me you laughed too? GMs are notorious for that. My hubby says it could be a bulb loose too. Regardless, I have the bulbs and I have to get it fixed. Hopefully it won't be too expensive. They charge $45 a half hour for labor. :/ *cough ripoff cough* Dang, I hope I'm not coming down with something.

So...this is my luck: I lopped off half an eyebrow. No joke. RIGHT before R&R. Then I spilled a cup of red wine all over the beige carpet. I am full of FAIL. :D On a good note, my fungus finger is getting better - did that make you gag a little? Yeah?

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