Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tangled Procrastination

I discovered Gmail's tasks last night and set out to get a bunch done today, very cool, check it out if you haven't already. I'm a little behind right now because I wanted to watch Tangled. LOL. We got it in the mail yesterday.

The kids are being pretty good today and they are really funny too. Matthew told me earlier "Mom, I like being me" while we were getting back in the car after grocery shopping.

I knocked out 4 weeks of my 8 week Personal Financial Planning class yesterday and I'm working on my Small Business Plan class today. These are my last two classes and I could not be more excited!

Let's see what all I've got on my phone since it's Telephone Tree Tuesday. Feel free to link up - if you don't do it this week, take lots of pictures on your phone of the world around you and link up next Tuesday :) You can grab a button on the left sidebar over there!

At the car shop for 5 1/2 hours on Thursday. They were so good.

Love this picture :)

Oh my purty mau!

Matthew figured out how to do eyelashes like Spongebob's!

Then he showed his sister how to do it - she's been drawing a lot more lately.

This one actually has pupils. LOL

Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos and writing some more posts for Love Without Training Wheels

Walking to get the mail on Sunday. It was pretty nice out..then it snowed last night :/



They have become bff's :)


Amber said...

I want some of those jalopeno thingies. Mmmm.
And I love that they are bffs. haha. Mine are too!! That's how it should be!!
Also, I am SO about to get my kiddos some of those doodle pad thingies.

Lauren said...

i wish you would ship me some food woman!! lol! You are always making me hungry! :)