Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Telephone Tree Tuesday


Late night snacks. <3

Hair dye-ing it up :)

I love how amused Matthew looks. LMAO

Oh sweet deliciousness ;D

This is Wicked, my assassin :) She's a BAMF.

Fresh pineapple that Cami ended up eating most of while I was making dinner.

Matthew got his hair cut today :) He was so proud of it. He loves getting daddy hair cuts. And he even told the lady who cut it that daddy was in "af-gah-stan" :(

I took a picture of him...had to do one of her. haha

I came home with 7 different types of ice cream (I didn't get a picture of my chocolate chip cookie dough bars)

I thought this was a joke...but it wasn't. And I got some. It sounds DELISH.

My MOST favorite B&Js

And mini containers.

Stuff to fix my eyebrows...I already tried the third...not too impressed. Next will be eyebrow powder. Oh yeah...I lopped off half an eyebrow...right before Nick's R&R. Such a winner :)

Got new stuff to try while I was shopping for makeup.

Penciled on a new eyebrow. Not too bad for my first successful attempt.

So after my awful Monday and not so great Tuesday...I needed wine. I don't even drink wine. This is good. However, after 2 sips, my first glass got spilled all over the carpet :/

Waiting for bedtime to eat some cake. Notice how I'm drowning my sorrows in delicious treats? Yeah.

My little shadow...that's the kitty if you can't tell. :)

The glass I got 2 sips out of...while making dinner.


Amber said...

dude. how are you going to eat that much ice cream?!

Amber said...

also. i really want some little debbie anything now. thanks. :/

Melissa said...

The eyebrow stuff all they way on the left is pretty good. I liked it. My fave is Benefit's BrowZing but it's $29, so sometimes when I'm feeling cheap or can't make it into Macy's I'll buy the Revlon stuff to hold me over.

Melissa said...

Oh, and I don't know how to link up :( Let me know & I will!