Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Telephone Tree Tuesday :}

Hopefully next week I will have some awesome pictures because road trips always make for great pictures! :}

Here's what's happening in my world :D
I found old pictures on my phone...this is from Nov 2010. Bella after a bath...the happiness radiates off of her, doesn't it?

Look at this cute lil thang! Also Nov 2010. I wish her hair didn't grow so slowly. She looks so cute here...her hair is much shorter now.

Matthew drew a bunny. Kind of Monty Python-esque, huh?

Excuse my hair...I only had just done my makeup and then my mom called. Look! I have 2 WHOLE eyebrows :)

Look at that sucker!

Matthew drew a Spongebob :]

They are best friends.

I heard rustling downstairs...and peeked down quick and saw Cami's gate was sitting aside and the light on in her room. Matthew had kicked her out of her own bed and he fell asleep with toys in his hands from playing. LOL

This was the worst day yet. This was....Saturday? It was oozy and raw all day.. It's looking leaps and bounds better today. I'm hoping it keeps getting better. I'm a wuss when it comes to pain.

Part of my finger is healing.

Nick's clothes and the kids' Easter stuff is in the tote. Then Nick's computer, boots, sandals, CD case of Wii games and kids movies...CDs to put in the car on top of the tote. The kids' clothes in the yellow duffel and my clothes in the brown luggage. This is me packing for at least 3 weeks. I say I do damn good at keeping things to a minimum :)


Oxford Impressions said...

Just found your blog today and become your latest follower. Cute idea for a mclinky party!!!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Found you from Ambers blog, she's a sweet girl and told me to stop by so I am and I'm a follower.

Love these pictures and what to your finger...

Sarah E. said...

This sounds so gross, but fungal infection. It started out split like chapped lips and it didn't get better with Aquaphor or any other lotion (we all have sensitive dry skin - I tried everything in our arsenal) and then it got incredibly itchy and it kept spreading. It would start cracking and weeping, then crust up, then it would turn into dry skin, flake off and then it would have shiny new skin...and then do it all over again...that went on for a month. I had friends say it looked like ringworm (which I didn't know was fungal) and I tried Lotrimin on it for 3 weeks and then FINALLY went to the dr. I like to play dr and think I can fix everything by myself. The dr gave me Lamisil and a pill. It'll be 2 weeks tomorrow and I think it's FINALLY going away. Basically it's athlete's foot on my finger. I don't even know how I got it :(

Ada said...

Oh your poor finger. I hope it feels up soon. Ouch!!!