Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Continuing my Dish on Your DVR

More Dish on Your DVR because I'm still catching up. Shoo.

Fringe from 4/29: I think this may be the best episode of the series yet. It was so good. There is a random ground lightning storm on the highway. Peter is still in the hospital, with good vitals. Astrid convinces Walter to get back to the lab after he tries to cop out and stay with Peter. Sam Weiss and Olivia discuss the machine and the manuscripts of the First People. In true Ben Franklin style, Walter heads out with a kite and after being struck twice figures out that they need to find the repetition in the Fringe events. Peter wakes up and gets dressed. A nurse stops him in the hallway and it's apparent he has some amnesia - he can't remember his name. He hails a cab and asks to be taken to New York (a $600 trip). Sam and Olivia enter the Whitley museum where the key is held despite the lightning randomly striking inside. They retrieve the key and narrowly escape, thanks to Sam's bowling skills and a vase. Back at the lab, Walter and Astrid find that there are two focal points: the place where their machine is housed and Liberty Island, where the alternate universe's machine MUST be. The key ends up being a scroll with a picture of Olivia drawn on it as well as a picture of the machine with Peter in it. Walter figures that Olivia and Peter are both connected to the machine and that Olivia must have the power to stop the force field to get Peter in it by controlling the machine on the other side. He tries to get her to work the typewriter Fauxlivia used to contact the other side in an attempt to try something less complex than the machine. The hospital finds Peter is gone and an envelope with "I'm going home" written on it...they call the lab and the search for Peter begins. Tracing his credit card usage, they are able to locate him: he's at Liberty Island and he believes he is in the alternate universe. They take him back to the complex where the machine is and his memory is beginning to return. Olivia and Peter begin to discuss her trying to control the typewriter and how she failed to do it even with the phrase she was trying to concentrate on. Astrid hears the typewriter clicking away and calls Olivia and tells her it keeps typing the same thing "Be a better man than your father" - which is the phrase Olivia was supposed to concentrate on. Everyone is ordered to leave and Olivia turns off the force field so Peter can enter the machine. He enters and then wakes up in New York where everything is exploding and on fire and people are lying dead in the street. He sees a plaque dedicated to Sept. 11, 2001 in Sept. 11, 2021. A Fringe agent runs up and yells that they need a medic for Agent Bishop.

Khloe & Lamar from 5/1: Honestly, I don't like Rob or Jamie. So I don't even care to talk about it. Malika...I feel bad for her.

Secret Life from 5/2: Funny enough, my sister-in-law Kathleen hit the nail right on the head. The opening argument between Ashley and Amy is TOTALLY a soap opera. I like Mr. Bocavich. He had a good talk with Ricky about college and Amy moving in together. Ben's friends, the Asian ones, are annoying...what a buzzkill to be like we're not your best friends anymore because you are having a baby and getting married. The head games between Adrienne and Amy are really annoying. Why aren't any of the parents putting their foot down about these kids?? No wonder they are all pregnant! Ricky kind of got burned when Amy walked out after he told her he loved her.

Glee from 5/3:  Sue starts a gossip magazine that sends Glee Club into a spiral of drama. I only saw 10 minutes of it because apparently my cable decided to go all crazy that night and nothing else recorded. Lame.

Real World from 5/4: Haha. Cookie's hooking up. Hilarious :] Naomi is sooo dumb. Seriously...not gonna use protection...huh? Nany & Heather hooking up, also hilarious. I love how all the guys are just jaw-dropping! LMAO. But I feel really bad for Heather. Poor thing. I think it'd be really interesting to see Cookie and Dustin hook up and it would probably give Heather the closure she needs.

Fringe from 5/6: The Season 3 Finale. OMFG. It starts off right where we left off...Peter in 2026, 15 years in the future. We find out that Olivia's niece becomes a Fringe agent, Olivia is the head of the Fringe unit (I guess, Broyle's job), Peter and Olivia are married, Walter is in jail, and Broyles is a senator. Wormholes and tears are happening at exponential rates so Peter gets Walter out of jail temporarily. Walter gets to properly welcome Olivia to the family and Olivia shows off her control over her powers by levitating a box that was falling. Walternate is behind the End-of-Days group who blew up the Opera house and he wants to target the wormhole in Central Park to end the world like his was ended. Walter knows that they sealed their fate when they activated the machine and destroyed the alternate universe...that they are intertwined and connected. Walter discovers radiation from the canister and it leads the Fringe division to a campground. They don't find a lab, but an agent finds a key. Peter sneaks off to a cabin while Olivia goes to Central Park where the ambered off area has been breached. Walternate is waiting at the cabin and tells Peter he will end his universe just like Peter ended his, but slowly. A flash knocks out all the agents and Olivia recovers first. Peter goes to hurt Walternate, but he is just a hologram. Walternate turns off his holograph and gets out of a car in Central Park and shoots Olivia in the head. After Olivia's funeral, Walter figures out a way to save the worlds...he explains to Peter that he can make a different choice in the past. It flashes back to 2011 and Peter's heart rate has risen significantly, but they cannot take him out. He somehow is able to make a bridge between the worlds in the room the machine is housed in...Peter tells them that they need to fix the problems and then flashes away. Walternate and Walter begin to argue a little. Olivia says that it's pointless, that they are there and they should fix it, which earns her a smile from Fauxlivia. Then it switches to the observers standing outside the Statue of Liberty...

DECEMBER: You were right. They don't remember Peter.
THE OBSERVER: How could they? He never existed. He served his purpose.


Sister Wives from 5/8: I feel so bad for the family. I hate that they are forced to leave...forced to not be able to be who they are. To see those teenagers cry, breaks my frickin heart!

Khloe & Lamar from 5/8: I seriously love their relationship. I love them together. And a big FINALLY on Rob and Malika.

Secret Life from 5/9: Everytime I think I'm finally starting to like Adrienne, she goes back to her catty ways with Amy. Every time I get excited that maybe Grace and Grant are done...they make up. I am still trying to figure out if Ricky is genuinely playing puppy dog with Amy or if it's all for the sex. Eek. I guess this episode is all about age difference. Grant's dad was born in the 30s, his mom in the 60s. Then Toby (Ashley's study buddy and date) has his stepsister drive him to Ashley's...where his stepsister and George decide to go to a sportsbar together. Ricky shows up and it turns out that he has had sex with her...she's more than 10 years his senior. At the end of the episode she shows up at his apartment, but he doesn't answer the door. Everything ends pretty happy fairytaleish.

Secret Life from 5/16: Holy crapola. So the episode starts out with Grace and Amy trying to figure out who to invite to Adrienne's baby shower. Of course, bitch doesn't have any friends. So Adrienne decides to call out all the girls who slept with Ricky and show them up. Then they all are super mean and turn  her down and she blames Amy for trying to embarrass her. Adrienne is ridiculous. Amy is also pretty ridiculous because Adrienne didn't call out all those girls to make her feel bad. So then Ben tries to get involved while Ricky tries to demand that the guys don't get involved. Ahhhh...why is this show so dumb?! Ben comes to talk to Amy and ends up being a douche and George kicks him out. I totally lost all respect for Ben. He told Amy that bit about how Ricky told every girl he was ever with that he loved them. Then Jack says something to Grace while Grant is walking in and he gets mad at Grace and leaves. Then Ricky calls Adrienne to talk to her and Adrienne lets the cat out of the bag that Ben went over to Amy's.

Real Life from 5/11: So...Cookie & Zito end up kissing. Heather finds out via Nany (whore) that they kissed and then Heather flips the fuck out, even though she has said over and over that she could never be with him again. I think I hate all those girls except Cookie. What catty stupid bitches. I'm mad that Heather can't seem to make up her mind and that Dustin won't move on! I'm very glad Mike found Ally :)

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