Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I think it's time..

For a little updating...

I feel like I haven't done it in a while.

The Kids: Ahh my little demons. I mean that in the nicest way possible. But seriously, they are demons. If they aren't fighting, they are scheming. Matthew likes to do things just to annoy Cami so she'll sit there and scream and throw fits. They are both mouthy. They had their first dentist appt on Monday and did pretty well. Cami has an overbite and a bit of a crossbite. Matthew has 3 suspicious areas - I suppose they are cavities, but they didn't outright say they were. They could be pre-cavities. Either way, he has to get fillings in a week and a half. I'm not excited for this. Matthew FREAKED when he had to do the little flouride mouthpiece thing. I can only imagine that doing a shot in the mouth will be worse. They are going to try and do one at least, but I hope they at least get 2 done. He's got 2 on one side, 1 on the other.

Nick: He has finished his associate's degree! He's waiting on the paperwork to go through and get his actual degree so he can start his bachelor's. I'm so freakin' proud of him. We have made it past the 7 month mark. His company is starting up weekly training....yep...7 months into a deployment they are going to start training. SMH. He also hasn't come down on orders even though his branch manager told him he needs to go somewhere where he'll be nondeployable because "there is more to life than just deploying" *SIGH* So now I'm getting really anxious. I'm scared we'll be stuck here. I hate being here at Drum. I just want to leave already and pray that we get stationed somewhere nearer to East TN. UGHHH. Also just to hasn't really hit me that I'm a sergeant's wife. I'm by no means a hoity-toity higher-up's wife. But I'm in that in-between stage. Where it kind of matters what image I have. I'm almost nervous to be around anyone in the company. It's kind of how I feel in life, I always feel like I'm the baby of the group. I'm very easily intimidated. When I'm around kids that are 18 or 19, I feel like I'm their age or younger, when I'm nearly 4 years older. It's strange. I have a feeling I'm going to get along better with junior enlisted wives anyways.

Me: I've been in a bit of a rut lately. A lazy one. Today seems like a beautiful day and I really need the sunshine. I think I have SADD. Anyways, I've been really bored and stir-crazy for no real reason. It's my last week of classes and I have one assignment that I've started on and need to finish and then I am DONE. I'm shooting for an A in my last class, but I am fairly certain I already have a passing grade even though I haven't turned in my last assignment. So I think it's safe to say...I'm going to have that associate's degree! :D I decided to get an actual blog design for my food blog. Stephanie from Dirt & Lace Designs is working on it for me. I'm so excited! One of the things that really pushed me to get an actual blog design - I got my first PR offer!! I nearly had a heart attack! But I'm going to turn it down. It's almost odd to me that I would be thinking like this at any point...but I want to stay true to my blog and me...the offer is for a site that is all about healthy foods and diets. My blog is far from healthy foods and diets. It really is. So I don't think it's be the best partnering. I want to wait for the right offers and make sure that I couple with something that I am really all about.

I think that's about all.

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Lauren-ItsMyWorld said...

My kids have been crazy lately too. Kenzie has developed this "attitude of a 16 year old" and it's driving me up the wall. If that is what I have to look foward to in 13 years, I'm going to die.

I can't wait to see what this Positivity Pandemic is going to be about!!! :)