Wednesday, May 18, 2011

If You Want to Be My BFF - Part 3

I am obsessed with Lady Gaga
If you don't like her, cool...but I'm gonna talk about her adoringly all the time. 
Just a warning. 
 My kids are also obsessed.

I have always loved to read. One of my favorite things in the world is to go outside and lay in the grass on a warm sunny day and read.

I'm kind of indecisive. About everything!

Rice Krispies are my favorite cereal. 
I eat them loaded up with sugar and soggy, even though I hate eating cereal with milk or breads with anything soupy or saucy because soggy bready foods are disgusting.

I spend most of my day looking at food. 
On my computer. On TV. In a book/magazine. Eating it.

I love sex. I love talking about it. There is NO such thing as TMI around me.

At one point in life I was I'm a giant weenie.

I don't do bars or clubs. Not my scene.

I'm a Little Miss Know-it-All. I have no problem admitting if I'm wrong though.

The longer I'm away from Tennessee, the more I talk with my Minnesotan accent.

I hate eggnog.  

I like to play video games. Please play with me?

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Lauren-ItsMyWorld said...

i hate eggnog too! But I LOVEEEEE me some boiled custard! :)

What video games do you play? Hubbs is a huge PS3 player. I love my Wii but I stick with the simple games like Sims lol