Wednesday, May 18, 2011

R&R Pics - a bit late...

I completely forgot to post R&R pics!!!
So some of these are out of order..buuuuutt...

Here's the plane pulling up - it landed like 5 minutes after we got there.

I wish I had a picture of the second Nick got out of the gate. He spotted us in a millisecond, ran over, knelt down and grabbed both kids in a bear hug WHILE crying. I was practically bawling!
Nick picked her a flower and it matched her dress perfectly :)
Nick and his younger brother Zack....shooting at the kids. LMAO.
Webcam fun.

Cami got into Auntie Leenie's makeup! hahahaha
At the zoo...Matthew doing his Lightning McQueen face LOL
At Ruby Tuesdays

Date night :)

At a cookout.

Our hookah!

The nuhvy kitty Tut! He's Bella's lover haha

The kids watching Nick's flight take off.

More webcam fun!

Beer pong (Sarah=drunk) and Hookah the first night we were there. Top to bottom: Casey, Emma, Kathleen and then bottom to top: Me, Nick and Zack is there but you can't see him.

At the cookout again.


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