Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday's Dish on your DVR

I got of the first things I did was turn on the cable box - I scraped by at 98% full - phew! I need to remember to add back in all my daily shows - The Talk, Ellen, Chelsea Lately, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Oh! And then my cooking shows too. Jeesh.

I've not gotten very I may have to do like a series of Dish on Your DVR throughout the week of the shows as I catch up!

Fringe from 4/22:  Fauxlivia's baby Henry is being used to try and activate the machine. Naked Walter was probably the funniest thing I've seen in a long time - especially him warning her that it was cold early in the morning! I'm really excited to find out what happens next..with the machine being active and Sam wanting to see it AND what happens with Peter and Fauxlivia

Secret Life from 4/25: This was a pretty uneventful and annoying episode. Everyone's all like gung-ho about sex last episode, this episode everyone has cold feet. I think I'm pretty excited for Amy and Ricky to be together though.

Mad Love from 4/25: I don't know if you all watch this show but I love it. Mostly because I absolutely love Sarah Chalke and Jason Biggs. They are hinting towards Connie and Larry getting together.

Glee from 4/26 : Another Gaga episode!!!!!!!!! Finn screws up Rachel's nose while the Glee club is practicing dancing: channeling a bit of Marcia Brady meets football. Santana is on the prowl to get Brittany as her girlfriend. Miss Pillsbury CRACKED me up with her Ginger monologue. Loved the song that Rachel & Quinn sang together. Lauren is running for prom queen...Quinn is PISSSSSED. Santana quote: The only straight I am is straight-up bitch. I don't know why but I'm always drawn to Quinn and Santana. I like them even though they are bitches. Santana propositions the football player who bullied Kurt to be her "beard" - gay guy and gay girl "date" each other as they can win prom queen and king and rule the school. Will deals Emma a little tough love with her OCD. Dave formerly apologizes (via Santana's brilliant plan) and they announce their new relationship and club (Bully Whips - to stop bullying in the school). Kurt and his dad with Dave and his dad have a meeting to talk about Kurt coming back to McKinley. Dave tells Kurt about Santana's plan in private. I'm sooo sooo glad Kurt is back to the main storyline! Lauren digs up some of Quinn's past and reveals that she was 70 lbs heavier, her first name is Lucy (called Lucy Caboosey), zits, a bigger nose...and she transferred to McKinley after her transformation. Lauren posts her old yearbook picture up on the bulletin board. Mall Dance Parties make me happy! Emma sees a psychatrist and she is prescribed pills. The Glee Club makes custom tees..each member has one that goes with the theme of acceptance. Mr Shuester's says Butt Chin, Rachel's says Nose, Kurt's says Likes Boys....Then we get Born This Way...and I got super happy.

South Park from 4/27: This episode was amazing for one major reason: They made fun of Apple. South Park FTW. It was disgusting and hilarious!

Real World from 4/27 :  Adam tells Nany that Zito was on porn sites. Nany tells Naomi. Then Heather gets an email from her mom about it. Zito freakin' walks off when Heather tries to weasel it out of him even though he knows exactly what it is she's hinting at. They finally talk...I'm sorry, but I think that he shouldn't use his family life as an excuse for doing that. What a copout. Then it's pretty much awkward for the rest of the episode.

Also if you guys haven't checked it out, especially if you are/were a big fan of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, every weeknight on GSN at 8pm EST - Drew Carey's Improv-a-ganza. It's the same concept as Whose Line, but it's less censored and a lot funnier!

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