Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Telephone Tree Tuesday - 5.31.2011

Almost forgot today was Tuesday. Whoopsies.

This is what the kids get if they eat all of their dinner - this was spaghetti night. We had spaghetti, broccoli and garlic bread :)

Beautiful day

My little helpers.

New tobacco for the hookah - the yumberry is good!

My weakness.

These are amazing!!!!

First grillout!


My little hot dog monster.

We had homemade strawberry lemonade!

While I took the trash out, Matthew ate 1 hot dog completely and then chomped on 2 others.

That night...couldn't decide between spaghetti and hot dog...so I had both. I'm kind of a heffer.

A chicken!

Little Monsters - they adore Lady Gaga as much as I do! :} They demand that I also put my paws up!

The hookah...don't know if I posted a picture of it yet or not.

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