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Dish On Your DVR #3

Next Food Network Star: I really liked Jyll, Orchid and Whitney. Jyll totally killed the candy challenge! They broke up in two teams to cook desserts for 150 people. Jyll picked all the girls but Penny. The girls were on Duff's team, the guys plus Penny were on Robert Irvine's team. Chris played his little frat boy leader of the pack get-up and Robert Irvine demoted him as leader. I knew that they should not have let Alecia with the cupcakes. I knew that was an accident waiting to happen. Jyll, Orchid and Whitney did really well on their individual desserts. Nearly everything else bombed. On the other team, Vic did well with his tequila lime cream puffs and ancho chili chocolate sauce. Justin (with the glasses) and Penny also did okay. I love how Bobby Flay said that he liked Penny. If only he knew. The girls team lost. The bottom 3 were Suzy, Mary Beth and Alecia. And thank goodness that ball of crazy Alecia went home. I don't know if I could take much more of her!

Mob Wives: I can't imagine letting my child think that their dad was at work when he was actually in jail. I also can't imagine standing by a criminal. Those poor children. I always want to like Drita and Carla, but end up not liking them. Renee is kind of weird in a work setting, like fake. I like Karen though.

Ice Loves Coco: I love her OCDness. It cracks me up. I loved Ice's speech too! The "joke" was really funny and I liked how he tied it in.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians: I want to like Kim. I really just don't. I really really don't. Kendall is so pretty and I think she'll have a long career as a model. I agree with Bruce though - she should not be pushed. She is only 15.

The Talk: Gene Simmons was on and I would have to say...I don't like him. Hearing what he said about the Osbourne's was atrocious. He sat there his whole interview bragging about how smart and well-off his kids were. I don't believe his "apology" and it was very backhanded when he gave it anyways. What a ridiculous excuse of a man.

Secret Life:
I must have missed the end of the last episode. Apparently Ben & Mr. Bocavich said that they both didn't want to be married anymore. Ashley's road trip storyline is so lame! Jack moved into the house so Tom's girlfriend and kids could move into the guest house. Grace seems a little upset by this. Ben & Ricky talk again. Ben blames Amy for telling Adrienne about her and Ricky moving in together and rubbing it in her face. That's the most obnoxious thing ever. Ben does a lot of blaming. Ricky points out it's because he wants out of the relationship. Ben says that Ricky won't be able to resist such a broken Adrienne and not sleeping with her and I can't remember exactly what Ricky said back in rebuttal. They both "know each other too well" - lame! So Ricky basically catches Amy in a lie. But he doesn't get mad at her and then they have sex. Betty visits Adrienne and I thought that by calling her fat and ugly, Adrienne would kick her face in, but it "helped" which I still really don't get. This show is so dumb sometimes. LOL. I keep thinking George and Anne are gonna get back together. Anne and her bf are no longer together.

Switched at Birth:
There is something mysterious about Bay's dad. No one likes to talk about him leaving when Daphne was little. Kathryn gets Regina a job at her salon. Neighbors and friends of the Kennish family begin to get suspicious and nosy about the situation. Kathryn wants everyone to lie but at the end of the episode she comes clean and her friend she confesses to was nice about it. She joked that she thought Regina was John's mistress and Daphne was a love child. So hearing the truth was better than what was actually going around (like Regina told Kathryn in the first place). This episode had a lot of basketball in it as well. John pushes Daphne with basketball. Ohhh and Marlee Matlin was in this episode!!! I love her! :) She was the deaf school counselor that covered for basketball coach and a close friend of Regina's. I also watched her Friday night on a rerun of Blue's Clues as the librarian!!

16 & Pregnant: Allie! I thought her and her bf were going to make it despite his crazy pill-popping abusive mom. However, it turns how he was just a loser who was jealous of his new baby Aydenn. I'm appalled at the lengths filming has gone without MTV stepping in. I also was confused at her text to her mom right after Aydenn was born - about circumcision. I thought they waited and did that right before they discharged the baby and mom?? And why would that be included? So strange. Anyways..I cannot believe how the dude didn't help her through labor, his grandma (who I liked a lot) did. I hope that girl moves back with her mom. That seems like the best idea.

So You Think You Can Dance: The couples shared secrets about their partners! So I'm gonna break down the couples with secrets and performances! Debbie Reynolds was the guest judge and she was great! She even did a Woody Woodpecker impersonation - it was hilarious. I loved Kat's yellow dress :)
  1. Ryan and Ricky: Ryan's leg hair grows really fast and Ricky's real name is Roderick. They performed a sexy jazz piece by Mandy Moore. I'm not gonna lie...Ryan's faces made it awkward, but if you blocked out her face, it was sexy. LOL
  2. Caitlyn and Mitchell: Caitlyn's boots turn her feet blue and nasty and Mitchell wears his zebra print Snuggie or as he says Snoogie all the time. They danced a Stacey Tookey piece (I believe contemporary). It was beautiful. They danced to Adele's "Turning Tables" and it was about a poisonous controlling complex relationship. Mitchell played a jerk. Very very good. Apparently Mitchell accidentally punched her in the face during the dance. bahahaha! This was my very favorite performance tonight.
  3. Missy and Wadi: Wadi uses Nair on his chest hair. Missy has a choppy laughter. Like she stops to breathe. Cha-cha piece by Jean-Marc Generaux to "Cannibal" by Kesha - which made me want to gauge my eyes out. Wadi wasn't too bad for a b-boy doing cha-cha! You could tell he wasn't experienced but it didn't look like he was doing it really badly. The judges kind of laid into him for it, but seriously, for a really wasn't slaughtered.
  4. Iveta and Nick: Iveta talks to herself in the mirror and Nick always wears shorts. Nakul Dev Mahajan Bollywood routine!!! Yeeahhh! The music in the beginning was awful! It was a little shaky, but it's Bollywood in the 2nd week for a ballroom dancer and a tap dancer. Phew. I would NOT be able to do that. Sheeeeesh!
  5. Miranda and Robert: Robert thinks he's a pro-wrestler and Miranda has a crush on Tadd. Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo hip-hop routine about a woodpecker. hahaha. They said it was a really intricate routine. They danced to Busta Rhyme's "Break Ya Neck" - it was really good. But poor Miranda didn't quite get her flip and it threw her off a little bit. Very slightly, but she looked apologetically off at Tabitha and Napoleon afterwards - awee :(
  6. Jess and Clarice: Clarice sleeps with her eyes open and Jess draws stick figure orchestras. Stacey Tookey contemporary piece about love. He's a prince and she is marrying him. He is hard to watch....especially with the lifts. He's too choppy and Broadway-ish even in the extended, long-lined contemporary.
  7. Jordan and Tadd: Jordan is kind of gullible/naive and Tadd has OCD. Viennese Waltz with Jean Marc Generaux. I'm not sure what to think. It was very whimsical, but I don't know how Jordan did on the technicality. Oh..never mind...I guess Nigel said it was great. I didn't realize Tadd was a b-boy too. Wow. That's impressive. Completely impressive!
  8. Melanie and Marco: Melanie can't stand people touching her ears and Marco reads romance novels. A jazz piece by Mandy Moore. It was old-timey but modern breakdown and with little bowler hats. It was great. It was so charismatic and energetic and fun! This was my second favorite routine! Melanie has those legs! Shoo!
  9. Sasha and Alexander: Sasha is sweaty like a guy and Alexander loves to look at himself in the mirror. Kat called them Nappy Tabs. Napoleon and Tabitha hip-hop routine about a soldier coming home from deployment in Afghanistan and seeing his wife for the first time. I'm gonna cry. Watch me. Durn the deployment hormones. Mmm...okay. Not really too emotional. If it was different music and not so harsh dancing, I might have cried. Okay, scratch that...Mary made me cry. But I disagree that they showed the passion and emotion of homecoming. I don't think you can capture that unless you've personally been through it. Either the soldier coming home or welcoming your soldier.
  10. Chris and Ashley: Chris has a nervous smile that is creepy and Ashley thinks she has swag, but she doesn't. Broadway routine with Spencer Liff - sexual tension again...Ashley is visiting Chris, who is in jail. They dance separated by bars. It was a good routine, but I don't think it was anything spectacular. 
Hot in Cleveland: Victoria writes to a convict using Joy's name and picture. He is a violent person (something about chopping up body parts) and is now on parole. Joy's son comes to find her. First he calls, but hangs up. Then he comes in the night and startles everyone. Elka comes out into the living room with a gun, but Joy makes fun of her and while telling her she is getting an alarm system set up the next day (they are all thinking the call and noise is the convict). She takes the gun from Elka and tosses it on the couch where it goes off and hits a guy outside through the front window. Upon finding Joy's son on the front porch, Joy panics and says that Melanie is Joy. They all start putting on a charade. Joy starts off with a low accent and drawl (I assume imitating Melanie) and Melanie pulls off an awful English accent and Victoria makes up a character who is "Joy's" stepmother, Lady Winchester. Joy comes clean as the paramedics arrive. The next day, the doorbell rings...Melanie assumes it's the alarm system guy and Victoria lets the convict (Gary - played by the same actor ) in. Melanie hears on her voicemail that the alarm system guy won't be over today. Joy's son decides that things aren't going to work out and that it's the end of their relationship. Joy gets home and asks if Gary is crying and Elka answers with the best line of the episode "Like Brett Favre retiring for the 10th time" - Victoria gives Gary Susan Lucci's number. Joy runs back to the hospital to talk to her son and they resolve somewhat and will try and get to know each other.

Happily Divorced: Fran ends up calling Elliot Peter (her ex-hd's name) while making out and then when they make up, Peter comes in drunk and they end up making a Peter spooning sandwich. This is the end of Fran and Elliot.

So You Think You Can Dance: Bottom three couples were: Wadi & Missy, Iveta & Nick and Ryan & Ricky. Rage performed and so did LMFAO. I really like the LMFAO diddy. Wadi, Missy, Iveta and Nick ended up going home. I really liked Missy so it was kind of a bummer to see her go home. She reminds me of my friend Amanda.

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding: The discrimination against travellers makes me sad. I still wish it weren't so mysterious. I would like to learn more than they are showing about the culture. I will say this...I can't imagine being so submissive to my husband. It's almost crazy because all the women seem so strong-willed and independent, I wouldn't think they would be so submissive to a man.

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