Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happiness Is...#3

Happiness is...

The kids getting their daddy dolls.

The first of Nick's lockboxes getting here!!

Getting to plant all my flowers finally!
(Although I hope they turn out as beautifully as last year when I planted actual bloomed plants)

Watching the kids play in their new little pool.

Having such a wonderful, amazing husband who doubles as my best friend :)



Becky said...

Those dolls are wonderful; look at their smiles! They are so happy! Sounds like your husband is really what happiness is to all of you :)

Good luck with your flowers! Thanks for linking up with us and I hope to see you this week!

jehlik501 said...

Those dolls are a GREAT idea. I actually just heard a story about a guy who video recorded himself reading 10 books for his not yet born daughter so that when it came time for bedtime stories and he was deployed, he could read her stories. Such a sweet story.