Monday, June 6, 2011

Ramblings for the day.

It's 9:30 and I am dead tired.

Today started with a trip to the dentist with Matthew. He got one filling done. Cami was playing with the other kids with the trains and watching Lady and the Tramp. He wanted his sissy :( She came in and held his hand. It was so sweet. He has to go to a pediatric something-or-another for the other two. He kind of freaked a bit so the dentist he saw didn't feel comfortable continuing. He'll probably have to get nitrous (is that what it's called?) and I'll be posting a "Matthew After Dentist" video :P We'll see this dr probably in August sometime.

Then we shipped a box off to Nick. We sent 3 pairs of PT shorts, spicy pork rinds, tropical trail mix, Ruffles Molten Hot Wings chips, jalapeno beef jerky and his ecig juice. AND cards. I sent three and marked them with one for June, one for July and one for August. I probably won't be able to send any more packages because he will be sending me stuff so it doesn't get stolen again in Pakistan. Assholes.

Then we went grocery shopping. I kept my extras to a minimum, but still ended up spending $30 over what was on my list (a couple boxes of cookies and a few magazines. LOL) - but with what was on my list...I spent $89.60 for a week's worth of food! :)

I came home and caught up on the Casey Anthony Trial. Today, Dr. Voss testified. He works at the body farm in Knoxville for UT (or at the time, he did) and lives in Oak Ridge. It was exciting to see someone from Knoxville! I'm a nerd. It was also a day full of objections, sustains and sidebars. You can tell the defense is getting more and more desperate as each day passes.

Then I cleaned up a bit in the house. My book for Algebra arrived! From the creepy UPS guy! He gives my door this special knock and always tries to flirt. It's weird. I was hoping to get started on my class, but it turns out that my teacher hasn't posted the class code yet :/

Then my big news for today:  
I'm volunteering to fill the treasurer position in our FRG
I'm really excited. I've been a little weary of being involved with the last few FRG leaders, but the new one is a junior enlisted's wife and the first (and only) time I met her, she seemed like a very nice, smart, funny person. I have high hopes for what she will accomplish. I also felt it was time to suck it up and have a voice. I want to be involved and I think it would only be a good thing for my husband, if I were more involved. I am, afterall, a new sergeant's wife. I gotta step up my game. haha. Everyone knows me for my food, so I better add a voice behind the food now!


amber said...

HOly moly you joined the frg?!
it'll be good for you. Meet people. Get out and about. and dude, maddie has cavities. Like no joke. her front tooth right at the gums and i think one in between her front teeth! :((((
Like wtf. her first appt is in august. fin's too. check ups and then go from there. I'm not excited at all.

Pink Champagne, Gatorade, and MRE's said...

I am the FRG treasurer too!

Reccewife said...

I think being a part of the FRG is exciting. Seriously, we got nothing like that here in Canada and I would be all over it :P
Glad I "hopped" over, even though it's tuesday!