Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Telephone Tree Tuesday #12

We had a fun-filled week :)
The kids were trying to get the nerf gun dart off the ceiling.

Rolo McFlurry - the BEST thing EVARRRR!

"Look, Mom! A clue, a clue, a clue!!!"

You can't really tell by the picture, but there is a squirrel sitting on the little bike backpack. He was scavenging.
We went to see Cars 2 last night at the drive-in, it was great!

Waiting for it to get darker.

Their first movie outing :) Also, when did I use a cloning machine? Cami looks just like me in this picture.

TROPICAL SKITTLES! You can't find them anywhere up here. BTW...$7 to get in, $7.62 for 2 bags of skittles, 2 fruit punches and medium size popcorn. The drive-in ROCKS!

He loved it :) The picture is super dark...but yeah :)

My lazy kitty.

Fried egg sandwich at 2am. No, totally not joking.

My Toms got here yesterday!!
 Also..proud Mommy moment: Matthew saw me typing my weekly menu plan for my food blog and he goes "I see pizza" - I thought maybe an ad or something shaped like pizza was up. But no...he had no idea what I was doing (that it had anything to do with food), no ads, no pictures. He pointed to the word and said "Right there, Mom" - I was blown away. We don't eat too much pizza and he's never in the kitchen when I make it so I doubt he sees it on the box. I'm just so surprised.

Vent: Every time I run my a/c in the living room, my power in the living room goes out at random. GRRR.

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