Sunday, June 26, 2011

Waiting to hear back...

My husband contacted a charity that helps soldiers bring animals from overseas back to the US. There is a momma kitty (who has been vaccinated - a former ITT guy spent $600 to get vaccinations sent to him) and her kittens. He has been told they will be euthanized unless he can get them out of there. :((

We've heard rumor that it is $3500 per animal to get back to the US. We're hoping it's not that much. But we will try everything in our power to keep them from being put down!

**Small Update - 6.27.2011**
My husband and a couple of guys moved the cats to try and buy them some more time. They were worried before chow because they didn't see them and thought they had scared them, but after chow, Momma was rallying up one of her kittens and trying to keep them in the new spot. Almost as if she knows what is going on. My husband is waiting on word back from Nowzad and we will work from there. It's funny to me because my husband claims he isn't a cat guy and now even before he gets the dog that he really wants, we might end up with 3 more cats. He always talks about how we won't get any more. hehe. I love how very proactive he is right now about making sure these kitties don't get euthanized for simply being there. He is also worried that we might not be able to save all 3 and he doesn't want to have to choose. He likes Momma a lot but he knows if we get Momma, the kittens are doomed.


Andrea said...

I truly hope it works out!!!!
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Emily said...

Wow - I hope that everything works out. Can't wait to find out. New follower from FTLOB!

Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

Jane said...

Aww this is the sweetest post ever. I really hope they are able to get the cats out of there and back to the US. I know my husband is constantly befriending the dogs where he is deployed and he would love to come home with 10 new dogs.

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jehlik501 said...

That's tough. Hope it gets worked out.

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness. What a great cause! Hopefully everything will be OK! Those are certainly some ADORABLE cats!