Monday, July 18, 2011

9 months.

1. Find stuff to do in the surrounding area that we haven't done before. EXPLORE. We went to Old McDonald's Farm last week...and I'm hoping to get the kids a little tee-ball thing so we can start going to the little baseball diamond down the road from our house every week. Not too shabby. Just got set back by unplanned expenses that popped up.

2. Regularly exercise. I still haven't gotten this one down. I have almost given up on this goal. I just can't get motivated for it.

3. Drink more water. No soda. Been doing pretty well here! I drank 2 bottles of water yesterday.

4. KEEP my cleaning schedule. Imagine this...still sucking at this. I hate cleaning.

5. Find a place to get rid of the junk in the garage [the broken appliances]. I need to set up a bulk pickup date with community center, also find out what I can get rid of.

6. Read 100 50 books and watch all the movies I have. I've changed it to 50 books because I'm so caught up in everything else and not doing well with reading in spare time. I am, however, doing well with movies. I watch 1 to 2 a night now.

7. Pick up a hobby and STICK to it.  I have still been crocheting (while I watch my movies) and I recently have gotten a ton of patterns to try out.

8. Be more patient with the kids.  I've done really well with this over the last week and the kids are acting a little better because of it.

9. Finish my associate's degree. Almost done (3 weeks left) - I need to start figuring out what I need to do to get my actual degree in hand.

10. Stop cursing so much. I could do better.

11. Take the car for regular car washes and vacuum at least once a month. Suck it up and go outdoors even if my neighbor is obnoxious!

12. Make a recipe bucket list. I want to make a 100 in 1001 list for my food blog.

13. Start to get rid of the baby stuff in the basement. May have a place for it!

14. Make a 100 in 1001 list. Do it!!!!!

15. Write up a new budget. Keep better track of money. Never mind this...we're just pretending we don't have any money now because of the whole Dell situation

16. Become a couponing queen. I'm finding it difficult to find a lot of useful coupons.
17. Get everything fixed in the house - the kids' tub, the garbage disposal, the light under the cabinet, my tub's drain, the fence... Got 3 things fixed and then my a/c broke....they are supposed to come by this week for that and I'm also asking about my stupid chirping smoke alarms. I literally changed the batteries last week because they were both chirping at 5:30am.

18. *NEW* Research Le Cordon Bleu school in St. Louis.

19. *NEW* Deweed garden and replant vegetables and flowers that I purchased.

20. *NEW* Start getting the house really organized and running smoothly for when Nick gets home. I am running out of time!


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