Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blogging Pet Peeves

Inspired by While He Was Napping's "10 Things I Hate About Your Blog" is time for my list of blogging pet peeves! None of these are meant to offend...I'm sure I do some of someone's pet peeves. But it is nice to know what other bloggers don't like and it's nice to find out new things to help up your readership and make your current readers happier :)

  1. Word Verification. Oh how I despise thee! Just say no, kids! Just say no! I understand not wanting spam or whatever, but I've rarely gotten spambot comments. Furthermore, you can set your blog's comments to be approved by you before publishing. This is what I do now on both blogs. I had my food blog set to publish immediately and anyone could comment, but after some good ole Cafemom drama, I think someone is out to sabotage my food blog. *SMH* Anyways, if you go to your handy-dandy Dashboard and click settings next to your blog and go to your comments tab, you can set up everything so not to annoy anyone! :) If you want to approve each comment...go to comment moderation and click always. Right underneath is a spot to TURN OFF word verification. You can also get your comments sent to your email, which is a great way to reply to bloggers who comment on your stuff!
  2. This is becoming much more of a pet peeve for me. I'd love to be able to respond to people who comment my posts! I made a personal email for my blogs, so no creepers would have my personal email. To find out if you are a noreply-commenter, go to your dashboard. Click edit profile and see if under privacy "show your email address" box is checked. I don't think a lot of bloggers know this, but if you comment back on your actual post, unless the commenter has RSS Feed followed the follow-up comments or constantly check your post, they will have no way of knowing that you actually commented back!
  3. Follow Me! I love finding new blogs to follow, but nothing annoys me more than someone writing a very short generic comment and then saying "new follower and you should check out my blog @ and follow me back." Please don't do this. It's obnoxious! When people comment on my blog, I do go and check out their blogs (unless they comment like I just said annoys me). I don't think it's fair to bloggers that I follow them if I am not interested in their blog. Followers are just a number. It's the readers that you want. The regular readers. So let people who are actually interested in your blog follow it...not someone who doesn't have any interest in your subject matter.
  4. Too busy. Your blog background, your font, your sidebars, your header, etc. When things are too busy, I won't follow a blog. I want to be able to read your posts without getting a headache or get distracted by 20 things flashing or moving on your blog. I personally like using pages for all my favorite blogs' buttons or showing what linky parties I participate in. I try to keep my sidebars clean. Don't have too many colors and make sure you LOOK at your blog. Actually view your blog. Is it something you would read? Do you think it's too cluttered or too busy? If you need a second opinion, ask a friend who you know will be honest! Constructive criticism can go a long way! :)
  5. Narrow blog posts. I am seeing this with more frequency. It's so hard to read a post when it's squished and your pictures are hanging over and oy! You can change your blog width under design (on your dashboard) and template designer.
  6. Automatic Playing Music. I'm especially bad for opening many many tabs when I'm blog hopping. Music often startles me and then annoys me. I rush to find which blog is making which noise and it's even worse when it's more than one at a time going. This is sort of the same as the "follow me" comments. I will look at your music player and decide if it's music I want to listen to. :)
  7. Credit-schmedit. Give credit where credit is due!! Link to other blogs or sites. Don't be a selfish blogger!
  8. Adult Content. I'm not talking about you HAVE adult content...I'm talking you have that pesky little "Are you 18 or older?" agreement before I can look at your blog. More than likely, I will just click my little tab's x and not bother reading. {Added 8/7}
That's all for now. I may add to the post later, but for now, those are the most important! :)   

In response to comments:
  1. I don't mind if a commenter says where they came from. It's nice to know where your followers found your blog :) But I'm still not gonna check out your blog if you tell me to check out your blog :P
  2. Vapid Vixen, I am probably the worst for over-exaggeration of punctuation. I swear I puke commas. I probably puke exclamation marks too. I also like to capitalize anything that I emphasize in my head while I'm typing.
Thank you for all the responses :) I was nervous that I'd have a backlash of negativity! w00t!


navywifechronicles said...

I'm with you on number three! Generic comments make me feel like you didn't even bother reading what I wrote. Initially I thought it was important to get as many views as I could but there's no point to that if it doesn't equal the number of actual connections with another person. Also, it's hard for me to comment if bloggers don't elaborate. Short answers or one word answers have me thinking "oh" or "really?", an equally short reply, eeeek! That said, following from MFF, LOL!

Lauren@Tennessee Honey said...

Amen! I agree with all of those. Especially the generic comments. I think that is so rude.

Shannon Pate said...

I agree with ALL OF THEM!! I'm glad you made this list!!!!

Laura said...

I so hear you! and the music can drive me up a wall. Please don't force me to listen to it. Even if I love it, I want to choose. What if I'm somewhere where it's inappropriate to have music playing? And yes, please show your email so I can respond to your lovely comments.

Vapid Vixen said...

Hey!! Cute blog!!! Just stopped by from FTLOB blog hop. Check me out and follow back!!!

Okay, kidding. One of mine is excessive use of exclamation points. Few things are really THAT exciting.

Definitely with you on #3. Thank you for stopping by and following my blog but I don't want to feel OBLIGATED to follow yours after I've checked it out and it's absolutely not something I have any interest in reading about. Feelings of obligation are why we have Mothers.

Bitchy Army Wife said...

I did not know about the email thing. I've fixed mine so thanks. Oh and I hate the music thing. I don't follow blogs with music. I can't take it.

Janessa said...

Can I just say that this post is amazing! I agree with the just one liners about please follow me thing. I'm not sure if I have the word verification on or not but I get annoyed by those too so I will be checking that. Thanks for this post, I'm 100% on the same page! :) Hope you are having a great evening!

Jessica said...

Loved this post! I hate automatic music too. It always seems to startle me and then I search desperately for how to turn it off!

L. said...

Amen, sister! I was guilty of the "too much crap" going on on my blog and did a total redesign to clean things up. And the music thing--ugh. I just turn my volume completely off whenever I'm about to go hopping and that helps a lot.

Tricia said...

So number 3 and number 6 are big ones for me. Also, tons of spelling errors drive me nutzo. I just want to comment on their blogs saying, "Excuse me, you are writing, on your own time to boot. Take the extra 5 seconds to spell check those little red underlined words, and maybe I'll come back to read your blog again. MAYBE.

Manda-Nicole said...

Amen! I really do agree with these. Especially the 'follow me' ones. I would much prefer something private if you want me to follow you! Plus, if someone random comments on my blog I tend to want to know who they are!

Nicole@MissMommy said...

Great post :).

Easy-2-Save said...

I am trying to make my blog look nicer so your list will be a great help.

Mel said...

I couldn't agree more!! I think the music is the worse!! Oh yeah, and the "follow me" comments are pretty bad too.