Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dish on Your DVR #4

Next Food Network Star: Michael Symon visited in the early challenge. Then they cooked for the CougarTown cast and crew with a guest judge, Paula Deen. Chris and Penny got into it a little bit because her mac and cheese was burnt and in front of the panel and elimination time, Chris mentioned that they had said it was burning and she snapped at him. The bottom four were Penny, Justin (both) and Whitney. Justin (tall fishmonger) ended up going home. He was kind of a jerk about it too.

Mob Wives: Woah nelly! It was violent this week and revealing. Apparently Drita found out that Lee had cheated on her (and I think I heard had a kid with, but I could be mistaken) with someone at her salon. Of course, this was before he went to jail for the sentence he is serving now. She is going after a divorce while he's away. Then she wanted to talk to Karen in front of Renee and Carla and confront her about the lies. Karen (who I believed) had said that Lee and her broke up in '98 and within a year, Drita started dating him. Drita says that they didn't start dating til the very end of '99 (almost 2 years later) and said they hadn't talked in a while because Karen had been cheating on Lee with Drita's bf.  Apparently Lee was also cheating on Karen at the time too. Then Drita and Karen get in a fight and Drita yells "I'll kill you, motherfucker" and Karen yells "I'm coming after you, bitch"

Keeping Up: Kim gets an x-ray of her butt to prove she doesn't have implants. Kris is all about changing her name back to Kardashian and doesn't realize how much it hurts Bruce's feelings.

Ice & Coco: I love this show! It's so funny. This episode was Coco's birthday and she recorded a pop song about shoes. Ice surprised her by playing it at her party. And it ended with them talking at home and they were kissing and Spartacus (their bulldog) came out of no where to slobber all over their kiss. haha.

Celebrity Rehab: Okay so this is a weird season. I don't even know who half these people are. First off, Jen (from Sober House) is going to be joining the staff at the rehab. I also found out that in addition to Jeff Conaway dying, apparently Mike Starr did too. Anyways, so far...we have Amy Fisher (the mistress who shot Joey Buttafuoco's wife)- an alcoholic porn star, Jeremy Jackson (Baywatch)- steroids, Bai Ling (actress)- alcoholic, Michael Lohan (yep, more attention)- ex-coke user who is afraid with all the drinking he does now he'll be back to coke in no time, Sean Young (actress from Bladerunner)- alcoholic, and Steven Adler (who didn't air on this episode, but will next episode) - heroin relapse, I believe.

Secret Life: Boringish episode again. Grace ends up with a new bf and breaking up with Grant (thank God!). Ben still wants to divorce Adrienne and is still trying to weasel his way out. Amy's dad is kind of being a jerk to Ricky for no good reason. Amy is being smart and not forcing Ricky into marriage because she doesn't want him to feel trapped.

Switched at Birth:  Fundraiser event for the school. The bombshell about Daphne and Liam dating makes Bay lash out and get all pissy. I forgot to mention in the previous episodes where Emmett mentioned that he wanted the perfect deaf girl that he was totally talking about Daphne and then in this episode (where he rocked at out as a last-second drummer for Toby's band), he is all emo about Liam and Daphne being together. It pretty much ends with Daphne dumping Liam because she doesn't want to upset Bay and then her seeing Bay all happy sneaking off with that one guy (Tai?). I don't like Bay at all. I feel so bad for Daphne who is just trying to make the best of the situation. Also...when are those people going to go learn sign language so they can properly communicate with Daphne. Sheesh. Oh! And Marlee was back. She was awesome again. I love her. She seriously just lights up the scene!

16 & Pregnant: Life After Labor Finale Special: First off, I would just like to say this is the whiniest bunch of girls ever in my life. Most of the guys are deadbeat losers. I got pregnant at 17. My now-husband and I had been together for 2 years before I got pregnant and he joined the army after he realized that even with 2 jobs, both of us in college with a baby was not going to work financially. I lived with him during his AIT time. He was gone from 4am to 6pm every single day. I took care of Matthew all day by myself and Sunday through Thursday woke up any time he did to feed him. I never made Nick do it and these girls are so freakin' whiny! Like being a mother is so hard and awful. Yes, you lose sleep, but with one baby, it really isn't THAT hard. I have 2 toddlers and am doing college. Do you know how hard that is? Do you know how much I whine and cry about it - not at all. These girls need to grow some friggin balls. End rant!

Taylor - Still together with her loser bf, apparently her daughter had surgery to remove a tumor in her lung

Kianna (I missed this episode) - The two are engaged, they seem good together!

Jennifer - Deadbeat dad is/was in jail and they have/had restraining orders against him.

Danielle - Her mom was orange! Shoo! Danielle and baby daddy are off and on. *eye twitch*

Jamie (missed this episode) - The guy was hungover on the way to his child's birth and then cheated on his pregnant gf with a hoe he lives with now?! He looks like a sleezeball.

Cleondra - They are not doing well together. Big surprise.

Allie - This was just weird, she apparently hadn't let Joey see their son in months and I guess lives with her mom now. Joey should've stepped up as a father though.

Izabella (missed this episode) - that kid looks so weasely, but they seem alright. They are engaged.

Kayla - For some reason, she has pretty much broken up with her bf. Her mom still avoids apologizing and doesn't take responsibility for the way she acted. Kayla is living with her dad now.

Jordan - Her sister is still annoying. They are married and he is planning on enlisting in the Air Force - SMART GUY! :)

Hot in Cleveland: This episode was sooo funny! The girls were having their fake birthdays and like last fake birthday, set each other up on a date. Melanie was set up with a guy that looked like Jesus. Elka was set up with a rich arrogant guy. Victoria was set up with conjoined twins. Joy was set up with Frank Caliendo, who played a really fast-paced, nervousy guy who could do great impressions! There was a waiter who was closer to Elka's age that unmasked all their issues with their dates and kind of tattled on them. He ends up talking to Elka after her date leaves and eating dinner with her.

Happily Married: A bittersweet episode where Fran makes a date on her and Peter's anniversary. He is hurt by it. So sad!

SYTYCD:  I missed the first hour thanks to my faulty DVR. *eye twitch* I am looking up Melanie and Marko's routine as well as Caitlynn and Mitchell's. They both looked good. My favorite routine was Jordan and Tadd's hip hop choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon.

SYTYCD: Bottom six: Chris, Ashley, Miranda, Robert, Caitlynn and Mitchell. Ashley and Miranda's dance for their life solos were laughable. Chris's was great, as was Mitchell's. Miranda and Robert ended up going home. I think Chris and Ashley will be going next week.

Upcoming Shows: 
Teen Mom - MTV Tuesday (starts July 5)
Fringe - Fox Friday (starts Sept 23)
New Girl - Fox this Fall
Psych - USA this Fall
Pretend Time - Comedy Central this Fall
Sister Wives - TLC this Fall
Are You There Vodka, It's Me, Chelsea - NBC this fall
Whitney - NBC Thursday 9:30pm

 Do you all watch any of these shows? What are your thoughts?

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