Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dish on Your DVR #5

Next Food Network Star: Guy Fieri guested the first challenge. The contestants did a Triple D challenge. Vic and Susie did the show opening. Poor little Susie was nervous! Vick was like Frankenstein. Whitney & Chris are interviewing the executive chef. Chris was struggling with the camera. Whitney was a natural and Chris was pretty jealous, making sure to mention he would've done better if he had gone 2nd. Jeff and Penny are interviewing Piper the waitress. Jeff was a little random. Penny was kind of rude, negative and domineering. Surprise! Mary Beth and Orchid interviewed the owner of the drive-in. Mary Beth was a little too calculating. Orchid was too talkative. Justin D and Jyll did the close. Justin D was a little nervous, but he was also a little out of character when he did it. Jyll was tense. The contestants start the challenge on twisting classic July 4th dishes. Jyll confronts Penny when she starts bitching to the guys about the girls talking about her and tells her they aren't and that when people act a certain way, others will back off. Basically that she has alienated herself. They had to present their dishes in front of a crowd. Suzy was unbelievable! Vic was really good too! Whitney also did well, she definitely had her personality come through. Jyll, Justin and Orchid were in the very bottom. Thankfully they kept Orchid and Jyll.

Celebrity Rehab: One more addict is added: Dwight Gooden, a former MLB player. He tested positive for coke. I don't like Amy. I think she is trying to make her whole life a big ole pity party. But honey, you knew what you were getting into when you slept with a married man, you knew what you were doing when you shot at a person, you put yourself in front of the camera as a porn star. STFU. Bai Ling is dealing with some psychosis and I feel for her. She seems like a very sweet person.

Did Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Ice & Coco not air this week??

Secret Life: Adrian tries to make Ben admit he wants out. Amy freaks out over a NOT-fever. Ricky is much more calm and knows it's not an emergency. Ricky calls Amy his wife quite a few times. Grace has turned into a ginormous bitch. I almost felt bad for Grant. Watching Mr. Bocavich and Betty is uncomfortable.

Switched at Birth: Toby wants Emmet and Daphne to be his little secret weapon playing "mini golf" - aka poker. Daphne misreads a sign and Toby loses a BUNCH of money. He then yells at her and blames her for it.  Tai comes over for dinner and after much prodding from Bay's parents, he says that he is leaving for basic training in 3 days. This, of course, makes me bawl like a baby. That and those Humane Society commercials with Wendie Malich.

Teen Mom: What to say about this episode? Ryan is still immature but makes a pretty funny (and valid) inquiry of Kyle. Farrah gets a boob job. I don't really have an opinion on that. She didn't get an exaggerated one and even her brattiness after surgery is understandable. Catelynn and Tyler want to move in a place together, Catelynn's mom doesn't care and Tyler's mom is against it. Amber and Gary are having another go. Watching them in therapy was awful and uncomfortable. Gary is pathetic, as is that Chris guy that she dumped to get back with Gary.

Hot in Cleveland: It was the ladies vs. their neighbor - in a band competition. Joy ends up betraying the others and joins the neighbor's band. Then Victoria and Melanie fight over who will take over lead singer. Elka discovers autotune and that was hilarious! The neighbor reminds the judges that autotune is against the rules and the girls' band "the Autotunes" is screwed. Joy joins back up last second and saves the day!

Happily Divorced: Fran reconnects with an old boyfriend. She has a bad feeling about something but can't quite figure it out. She finally learns that her bf has a gay son that he disowned and hadn't talked to in 3 years. This is a deal breaker for Fran.

So You Think You Can Dance: Melanie & Marko did a jazz piece by Ray. Holy smokes - Melanie's legs!! Sasha & Alexander did a hip hop routine by Shaun Evaristo. I agree that there wasn't swag. It was like bubblegum pop kiddie dancing. Jordan and Tadd did a waltz routine by Toni Redpath. I thought it was so beautiful! Clarice & Jess danced a contemporary piece by Justin Giles. I really liked this piece a lot too. But I don't like Jess....there is just something about him that I don't like. Clarice is gorgeous! Ashley and Chris did a salsa dance choreographed by Liz Lira. As usual, Chris was awkward. Ashley killed it! Ricky & Ryan did a jazz (?) piece by Chucky Klapow - zomfg! It was very Lady Gaga-esque meets Rocky Horror. Caitlynn and Mitchell did a contemporary routine by Mandy Moore. Gorgeous...I don't think tearworthy. But dang. From watching the show...I think that Sasha, Alexander, Ashley, Chris, Clarice and Jess will be in the bottom.

So You Think You Can Dance: WOW! The opening Bollywood routine - I freakin' LOVE Bollywood and that was amazing!! Just plain epic! Bottom couples: Ashley and Chris, Jordan and Tadd (WTF!), Ryan and Ricky (another ??). Ashley had a great solo...I think she would do better without Chris in the competition. Chris is amazing at his genre, but he is awful at the others. Jordan is gorgeous. Her extensions, her legs, sheeshola, girl! Tadd's personality really shines even in his minimal solo. Ryan dances beautifully. Her faces always bother me in her routines though. I missed Ricky's solo. Ashley ended up going home...I think it should've been Ryan. Chris was the guy who got sent home, I agree with that. Right now, Tadd and Jordan are my favorites. I also really like Melanie.

NY Ink: A tattoo magazine came to do an article on the shop. Jessica and Robear threw a huge tantrum. They annoy me. Also Chris is a creeper and I can never figure out if I like Megan or not.

Upcoming Shows: 
LA Ink - TLC Thursday July 28
Fringe - Fox Friday (starts Sept 23)
New Girl - Fox this Fall
Psych - USA this Fall
Pretend Time - Comedy Central this Fall
Sister Wives - TLC this Fall
Are You There Vodka, It's Me, Chelsea - NBC this fall
Whitney - NBC Thursday 9:30pm

 Do you all watch any of these shows? What are your thoughts?

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Secret Life & Teen Mom are both on my DVR as well as Pretty Little Liars & Kate + 8 =]