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Dish on Your DVR #6

Mob Wives: Reunion. It was supremely annoying. Now I can't figure out who is telling the truth about what. And there is gonna be a 2nd one this fall! YAY!

Celeb Rehab: Poor Bai Ling has some issues. I can understand her not wanting to get addicted to anything else but shoo. Jessica "Sugar" Kiper joins the rehab. She was on two seasons of Survivor, but was kicked off because she was suicidal. She uses alcohol and pills. In group therapy, Amy likens rehab to jail and that sets Lohan off. I'm still not completely believing his crap. Anyways, he went off about how it's nothing like jail, pedofiles put up pictures of Lindsay and others had pictures of his wife and drew penises and what not on her mouth and wrote slut and whore on them. They do a group exercise, equine therapy. And back at a meditation, Steven gets irritated when Amy won't admit she has a problem but everyone else does. I don't like Amy at all. What a dumbass.

Next Food Network Star: The Gamers' Challenge was with Tyler Florence and the contestants were split into 3 groups of 3 people and had to make a foodie truck along with a quick "commercial" advertisement type thing. Vic, Jyll and Orchid did awesome with the commercial. Jeff, Whitney and Suzie was a bit awkward...Jeff wanted to talk about balls the whole time. At the end of the day, Mary Beth, Orchid and Whitney were in the bottom (Chris should have been, I think) and ultimately Orchid went home :( I swear, Chris better go home next week! The previews showed 2 people going home though. My favorites are Jyll and Vic.

Famous Food: Oh lordie. Another smutty show to watch. The show is about a "celebrity" getting a deal with these 2 guys to open a restaurant. You have Ashley Dupree, Spitzer's mistress, Jake Pavelka (the Bachelor, who said he respects women and I busted out laughing), 36 Mafia (big pervs! :)), Danielle Staub (Real Housewives of NJ, I really don't like her), Vinnie (an actor from Sopranos, who apparently thinks he's in the mob for real), and Heidi...yes, Heidi. Danielle and Heidi think they are these huge celebrities, which they aren't. They are both big fat jokes. Jake is so dumb! I mean like REALLY dumb. Ashley isn't far behind Jake. Everyone starts out ignoring Heidi which made me crack up. Then Heidi and Danielle slipped out to "go get coffees" which was really going to get their wine on and conspire. In the end, the Fame idea was shot down as too over the top and not cohesive. Ashley did get her idea of picnic tables approved and Danielle was NOT happy about that. Or at least I think that's what her face was portraying, I couldn't tell.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kris is overbearing about Kourtney not getting married.

Ice loves Coco: OMG. Spartacus, their bulldog, is so funny and cute! Coco has her clothing line coming out and first, her shirts spelled "licous" instead of "licious" and then her manager for some reason wanted to get stick-thin, 8 feet tall models instead of volumptious, curvy ones. Ice takes Spartacus to get trained (with cheese) and when his photoshoot comes along, he isn't listening to Coco and Ice remembers the cheese. Then everything plays out!

Secret Life: Ricky and Amy are nitpicking at each other, but seem to resolve little arguments quickly. Adrienne decides to clear the nursery out which makes Ben snap and then go running to Amy who tells him that she has Ricky now and he says that Ricky will hurt her. Adrienne ends up punching holes in the walls of the nursery, that can't be good. Ricky does have a weak moment when he saves the voicemail that Adrienne sends him and when the message is played, it's a quick short message that is super sultry and he saves it again. Grace and her new bf get in a little tiff about how she wants to have sex and all her friends have/had babies. Grace is needy and also really bitchy. Ben is a giant douche and ends up drinking and then going into a restaurant where his dad is eating and passing out. Jack broke up with Madison.

Switched at Birth: Toby manhandles Bay in the beginning of the episode about money. He's only come up with $4000 of the $10000 he owes his friend. I think...unless he needs $4000. I think it's that he has only come up with that much. Anyways...Daphne starts taking a cooking class at Buckner Hall (the hearing school), but misses the timer's bell and her food burns. She is partnered with Toby's friend Wilke(the one he owes money to)...he sticks up for her a couple times, but I still don't trust him. He's shady. The principal demands that Daphne gets an interpreter or else she is a liability. And also mentions cochlear implants. Daphne mentions this to Regina who goes to yell at Kathryn...finally it is brought up that she should USE HER HANDS. Aka learn sign language. It was killing me that no one had done this yet. If I found out anyone in my family was deaf, the first thing I'd do is learn sign language. Meanwhile, Bay and Emmett connect over art and trying to find her father. Bay sure did get over Ty really fast (smh), but I think they are adorable together. Emmett is so CUTE! Toby tries to get money from his dad, but doesn't come clean completely and decides to steal some chemistry exams. Daphne tells Bay about how awful 3rd grade was and that Regina didn't have her in a deaf school or learn sign language until then. Bay comforts her and you can tell they are going to become really close. Daphne talks about how Emmett (who she has only heard talk once) ran up and screamed at the girls that were making fun of her. I think Bay's character is a lot better off hanging around Emmett. She seems to really like him. It's cute. Daphne makes due with her interpreter and stands up for herself in class - she makes the teacher bon bons and tells the kids that were making fun of her that she would offer them one but they may catch deaf. LOL.

Teen Mom: Although I mostly don't like Farrah and she was really bitchy to her mom when she asked if she was eating well (I'm sure the pain pills made her nauseous or something), it was nice to see how much of a bond her and Sophia have. I'm not sure what to think about Maci - I don't think Kyle is right for her. It was nice to see how Tyler's mom and sister weren't as nice about Catelynn behind her back as they are to her face. If Tyler wants to move in with Catelynn, I don't see why he shouldn't. His mom needs to get over it. And Amber....ohhh Amber. She irritates me to no end. When she contributed to Leah's fit by manhandling her off a toy, she should have comforted her, not walked out of the room. She's a lazy POS. Gary is just as stupid. Amber's brother tried to talk some sense into her, but she didn't listen at all.

Hot in Cleveland and Happily Divorced were hilarious as usual! I hope Hot in Cleveland continues for a long time! It's one of my favorites.

SYTYCD: Each couple performed 2 routines.
Sasha and Alexander: They did a paso doble that was lame...they looked tired. And they did a Broadway piece that I guess wasn't too memorable because I don't remember it. I figured they would be in the bottom.

Ryan and Ricky: They did a broadway and a cha cha. Both fell short. As much as I wanted to like Ryan in the beginning, she has fallen short. Her faces while she dances are so obnoxious. That weird biting to the beat mouth when she fails to be sexy. Eesh. And Ricky just couldn't be suave. I knew they'd be in the bottom.

Jordan and Tadd: They did a contemporary which was BEAUTIFUL. My favorite of the show! Travis Wall is an amazing choreographer. They also did a broadway that I thought was cute but apparently the judges didn't like it. These two are my favorites of the show as well. I love them.

Caitlynn and Mitchell: They did a hip hop that I didn't like at all. and a Travis Wall contemporary that was much better suited to them.

Clarice and Jess: They did a hip hop that I thought Jess was too Broadway-y with. Clarice outshined him. They also did a jive and again she outshined him, except for her biting faces. The lifts were so awkward. I thought they'd be in the bottom.

Melanie and Marko: They performed a tango that received high praise and a contemporary piece that was just amazing! Melanie is another favorite of mine.

SYTYCD: The show opened with an AWESOME paso doble by the top 12. I love that Jordan was the center of it. She is a beautiful dancer. The bottom couples were: Ryan and Ricky, Sasha and Alexander and Caitlynn and Mitchell. Ryan and Alexander were eliminated. I think it was Ryan's time to go, but I think Ricky should've gone with her.

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