Friday, July 22, 2011

Dish on Your DVR #7

Next Food Network Star: The first challenge was a teaching video type dealie. Whitney won. Then they had to cook for Wolfgang Puck with what was in the pantry with a full 8-course meal. Chris picked dessert...and tried to make the chocolate cake that he failed in a previous challenge. Dude is such a moron. Jyll made some subpar risotto and Wolfgang stopped in the middle of the meal to take her to the kitchen and teach her how to make it right. He was very nice to her, but she was, of course, still embarrassed. The bottom 4 were Jyll (for being unauthentic), Chris (for being immature and arrogant), Mary Beth (for subpar food) and Penny (for not being warm on camera). Ultimately, Chris and Penny went home - THANK YOU. Sheesh.

Celeb Rehab: The whole episode was basically Steven's lashout at Amy. I don't blame him. I just don't like her. He's done this before...surely part of his personality mixed with detox. He shouldn't have grabbed Shelly though.

Famous Food: Danielle Staub is hard to watch. Her face makes me pucker and squint. Uhh...she is a controlling bitch. And Heidi is likeable. PUKE.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Rob has been avoiding spending time with Kourtney because of Scott. I'm sorry, but Rob drinks a lot too. He used to drink WITH Scott. Fucking lying douche. Scott has made great strides lately and I know Rob is not going to be quick to trust, but holy crap, he's not in the relationship. I really don't like Rob. He went to the hospital. I can't remember why though. I don't care.

Ice & Coco: Coco throws a baby shower for her sister. We get a little info about her parents being divorced and get to see her dad come over to her mom's house and them acting like adults and eventually riding off on his motorcycle together, which freaked both Coco and her sister out :)

My Strange Addictions: There was a lady who was addicted to hairless rats, a lady who was addicted to growing out her nails, a lady addicted to eating sheetrock and a man who was addicted to pulling hair out of the shower drain. :X The shower drain guy made me GAG.

Secret Life: Adrienne comes back to school and lies about everything to save face. But she does protect Ben at some point which is nice. Toby's sister, that Ricky had slept with once before, happens to handle some part of admissions at the college that Ricky applied to. She conivingly makes an appt but it was to try and sleep with him again. She knows about Amy and John, but says if he doesn't do it, he doesn't get in. At the end of the episode, he gets the phone call that he was not accepted and he is told that she said he was trying to flirt with her. He storms off. Grace's boyfriend doops her and that is just too hilarious.

My DVR screwed up "Switched at Birth" so I have to wait until it airs again before next Monday's episode GRR.

Teen Mom: Derek's parents are underhanded and got SS benefits for Sophia turned down and are wanting visitation or something like that. Amber gets a lawyer per Gary's request, but she is just a pathetic person. She blames everyone else for something that is HER fault. They take a cab to the lawyer's office because their licenses are both suspended, although we have seen them driving around throughout the season AND we know that they got pulled over when the show wasn't airing and got in trouble for that. Tyler's dad gets out of jail. I hope that he does stay away from Catelynn's mom so he stays out of jail. I'm still unsure how it works that you have a no-contact order in place when you are legally married. *shrugs* Ryan and Kyle meet and it went pretty well. Both parties were very mature about it. That was really nice to see.

SYTYCD: My favorite routines were Jordan (with all-star Brandon)'s contemporary and Sasha (with all-star Twitch)'s hip hop routine. They blew my mind, especially Sasha's. I still am bothered by Clarice's biting face. NPH was the guest judge. Next week, Lady Gaga will be there - EEP

SYTYCD: The opening number was pretty neat...I noticed Melanie a lot! Bottom dancers were Mitchell, Clarice, Ricky and Jordan. I honestly didn't think Ricky and Jordan should've been in the bottom based on the night before's routines. I think it should've been Jes and Caitlynn. I don't like Jes and I think Jordan was stronger than Caitlynn. I think this is going to be a really hard season though...all of them are very good dancers. Ultimately, Mitchell and Clarice were sent home.

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