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Dish on Your DVR #8

Next Food Network Star: Guests were Ina Garten and Rachael Ray. The contestants did their little faux tv blurp for Ina and then went live on Rachael's show. The bottom four were Jyll, Vic, Susie and Mary Beth. Jyll ended up going home. She came off as ingenuine and didn't really have a concept for a show.

Celeb Rehab: Steven apologized to Amy. A gang member rehabilitation group called Home Boy came and spoke to the group. It was very sad. One man had pissed off a guy and one day when he was leaving his house, the guy shot his little boy who was sleeping in his mom's arms. The shot also hit his wife. He ended up losing both of them. The rest of the episode was focused around Lohan. I'm still not sure he is really on this program for help. He is a mess though, that's for sure. A dumb ass mess.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kim learns she has psoriasis. She whines. She is seriously one of the brattiest 30 year olds in the world. She acts worse than my 3 year old drama queen tantrum-throwing daughter! Bruce picks up birth control for one of the girls (I can never remember who is older, Kendall, right?) and then confronts Kris. Here's the thing, Kris should be more well-versed on the effects of birth control so she could explain to her husband why she is having her daughter take it. Ex) I would have told Bruce this: "Birth control is also used to regulate a girl's period and is utilized when they are irregular, heavy, or come with some not-so-nice symptoms, like painful cramps. I have discussed with her that this isn't permission to go have sex. I stressed the importance of waiting until it's right for her and that birth control is never 100%" Of course, I would have also discussed this BEFORE I went out and got it for her. And of course, Kris didn't have the sex talk with her 15 year old. *sigh* I was 15 when I lost my virginity. I will definitely be on top of the sex talk by then with my kids. Bruce and Khloe did end up talking to the girls. Bruce is a really good dad. Despite being uncomfortable, he was really open with his girls and had a good talk with them.

Ice & Coco: Coco goes salsa dancing and looks fantastic. That is definitely her dance! She also talks about how she believes in ghosts. Ice doesn't. The episode ends with him messing with the lights and her smacking him :) And then he turns out the lights completely and she runs up the stairs after him. LOL

My Strange Addictions: I'd have to say that this was the strangest My Strange Addictions yet. I get really interested in the psychological reasoning behind all these addictions. Addicted to smelling gasoline: This one was the worst. This woman had done it for 30 years. She spent $400 a month in gas...had 4 water bottles of gas around her house...sniffed it every 10 minutes, woke up in the middle of the night to smell it.Oh and she had short term memory loss and stomach problems from doing it but didn't tell any of her doctors and they were pretty much on a wild goose chase to find out the root of her problems. I love the smell of gasoline too, but this broad was shoving her nose like a half inch away from a bottle of it. She also was reaching inside the gas pump and getting it on her hands and like practically shoving her hands up her nose. It's compulsive and disgusting.I don't remember why the woman started the gas smelling. But I think the chemicals probably are what got her hooked after she initially started. Addicted to teddy bears (caring for them as children and taking them everywhere): She wanted to be a mother desperately but couldn't. So she obsessed with being a caretaker to teddy bears. I think most people sub that with actual pets. Addicted to eating dryer sheets wrapped in toilet paper: Her mom ate toilet paper (her mom died) and then she got the urge when she smelled them...and became obsessed with the smell. Kind of out of curiosity, she ate one...she wrapped them in tissue because her mom ate toilet paper and it helped neutralize the bite of the dryer sheet. And the dryer sheets was a nerve-calming habit, deep rooted with ANTs (automatic negative thoughts). Addicted to being in adult baby (in addition to being a male-to-female transgender): She (he) said that it was because she grew up a little boy and never got the childhood that she wanted as a girl. And was also bullied a lot. I think that it would be imperative that she gets quality therapy. Going through bullying is hard, but as a transgender male-to-female, I'm sure the bullying still happens. I think she has a lot of things she holds inside and it's good to get them out.

Secret Life: This was a pretty boring episode. Amy confronts Carly and then calls Toby. Toby dishes on his stepsister. Apparently she sleeps with anything that has a pulse and has lots of "issues" - Carly eventually gets fired because of thin office walls and it happening to more than one male applicant. Ricky is accepted to the college :) Ben and Nora go out to eat and then Nora drinks til she blacks out :/

Switched at Birth: My DVR was mean to me last week and recorded an hour of black screen instead of the week: Toby came clean about the test to his parents, but Wilke took the blame at school. Regina and Bruce get hot and heavy and she is about to introduce him to Daphne. Kathryn warns her again when she finds out his ex wife and him are still sleeping together. Regina dismisses it, but Bruce does confess to it and they break up. The girls go meet Angelo, but it turns out he is not the Angelo they were looking for. Bay and Emmett kiss!! Eeep! Emmett just came up to her and kissed her and then walked off again. AHH! Love the two of them together. The episode ended with Daphne breaking the code (Bay in numbers) on the guitar case that has sat in her mom's closet and finds years of pictures of Bay, report cards, etc. This week, Regina walks in on Daphne looking through the guitar case. Regina tells her she knew since the hospital meningitis stay that caused Daphne to become deaf. She hired a PI to find Bay and follow her around. Kathryn visits with a scarf for Regina and she picks up that there is a little tiff, but Regina chalks it up to teenagers. John grills his friend who only will say that they haven't found something on them, but rather Regina. And it's not Regina's DUI. Bay tries to confront Emmett about kissing the day before and he kisses her again. Daphne skips school with Wilke and they get drunk and make out. She then calls Emmett to pick her up when she can tell they are going too far. Emmett is with Bay at his house and Bay storms off because he has pictures of Daphne all over his wall and her calling him sets her off. Daphne crashes at Emmett's on the couch and discovers pictures of him and Bay together, even though he says they are just friends. Obviously, they are not just friends. They brought up Tai momentarily when Bay is confused about Emmett..she tries to call him at BCT. While Kathryn and John are at their hearing, they ask why Regina found out in 94 that Daphne was not hers and their lawyer gets them to let her talk with her clients or something because they really had no idea and that wasn't in "evidence" or whatever they call it when that paperwork wasn't presented in the case, so they couldn't prepare for it. Then everyone gets together (except Toby) for Regina to explain herself. Regina says she made a decision to keep Daphne because she didn't want to tear the kids from the only family they ever knew. She didn't contact Bay and that greatly upsets Bay, who goes running to Emmett for comfort. Daphne, of course, is also upset because she feels like she wasn't given an opportunity to know who she really was and her "mom" was stalking her real daughter the whole time. John tells Regina she needs to leave. During that conversation, we also find out that Angelo left because he didn't think that Daphne was his (after all she was fair skinned, blue eyed) and thought Regina had an affair. I can't wait for next episode. This show is so amazing. I just wrote a lot! LOL

Famous Food: I had to catch up on 2 episodes of this...last week, their task was picking a chef. Danielle was pushing for her chef who served RAW chicken. Danielle was obviously so manipulative to say, "Oh, you didn't like it" to DJ whatshisface...when being a "foodie" as she likes to believe she is, she'd have to be a damn moron to know how DANGEROUS RAW CHICKEN is. I really don't like her. Heidi's chef ends up getting picked and she is the MVP. This week, their designer tried to screw them over. And that was about it.

Teen Mom: It seems like Farrah has a good relationship with Derek's dad and stepmom. I want to like Farrah, but she is such a bitch. She just snaps. Her mom was trying to distract her on the way to the hearing and she just snapped at her. She is a good mom though to Sophia. I love how Sophia just perks up immediately when she hears Mommy is home. Catelynn and her mom get into it, but in the end of the episode go to therapy together and I truly hope that they get their relationship mended! Maci's storyline has me snoozing hardcore. Kyle quit his job and joined Maci who had found a $1000/month house in Chattanooga. And Amber blamed everything on everyone but herself. Every time she talks it's all about her. She even said "I can't help that I got pregnant at a young age" - ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I got pregnant at 17. I didn't use it as an excuse. Amber looks like she is on something and clearly, as a mom myself, I know she doesn't care enough about her daughter. The way she makes excuses for not being there for Leah 100% and just walking off after going to a CPS meeting at the police station without a care in the world (walking off from her daughter too)...ugh. She makes me sick. I also don't think it's appropriate to call your lawyer "hun." And she looked like a dumbass with her orange face and white lips.

SYTYCD: What's up with everyone's little entrance being ONLY spins? My favorite routine was definitely the Sonya Tayeh one with Sasha and Melanie! I also loved Caitlynn and Tadd's foxtrot, the cha cha that Ricky performed with Anya, Tadd's hip hop with Lauren, and Jordan's contemporary with Ade. The ones that got good praise like the dumb hip hop routine between Ricky and Marko and Sasha & Pasha's quick step and Caitlynn with Ivan...ehhhh. I really just didn't like most of the routines on Wednesday.

Does anyone watch Roseanne's Nuts on Wednesdays?? I love that show soo much! It's epicly hilarious!

SYTYCD:  I loved the circus piece from Tyce! So beautiful. The bottom four: Caitlynn, Jordan, Jess and Tadd. I was surprised about Tadd. I thought Ricky would be in the bottom. I thought that both girls' solos were sloppy and then the judges agreed. But I think Jordan's was stronger than Caitlynn's. Caitlynn definitely played up the sexy that everyone said she was. It wasn't a true to her solo. Ultimately, Jordan was sent home though. :( I'm rooting for Melanie. I HATED Jess's solo. Honestly, that little guy is so damn cocky and arrogant. It makes me want to punch him in his Jersey face. His solo was cocky and pretty much only pirouettes. Tadd's solo seemed very short though and I thought for sure, he would be eliminated. Much to my surprise, they finally eliminated Jess! THANK YOU! Then with his recaps, I realized that he really didn't adapt to the routine's styles as much as he should have. Every one of them was too Broadway-ish. Tadd is absolutely superb! It was so sad though...Tadd was like devastated for can tell they are all so close. It spanned to the girls who were all crying when Jordan was eliminated. Very sad :(

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